The Feels! Meet Alexander & Jeanette Toczko, Married for 75 Years ...


Imagine marrying your soul mate, the one person you were just destined to be with. You become friends at age 8, get married in 1940, and die in each other's arms, still professing your love for each other, hours apart, after being married for 75 years.

That's the love story of Alexander and Jeanette Toczko, who passed earlier this week in their mid-90s, after being married for 75 years. They leave behind a legacy of true love, with 5 children, 10 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren.

Can you imagine? That's the sort of love even Nicholas Sparks can't dream up. Oh, the feels!


So so so cute :)
Beryl Stokes
My brother met his wife when they were both 8 years old and they married at 21 . Just a couple of months short of their 60 th wedding anniversary she died. Two of my sisters have been married for 60 y...
This is beautiful in every single way!❤ It is hard to find couples now a days who really truly love one another
Aaaw so sad but so sweet
Lisa Marie
This is real true love & so touching!
peony blue
Reading the story made me cry I'm so happy for them
Awww true love !!
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