7 Love Words from Other Cultures to Romance Your Partner ...

By Holly

7 Love Words from Other Cultures to Romance Your Partner ...

Even if you're only fluent in one language, you should set out to learn a few different words from around the world. That way, it'll be easier for you to express yourself. Cosmopolitan has created a handy grouping of words that you can read about right here:

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1 Cwtch

Cwtch Give your loved ones a hug so you can use this word today!

2 Firgun

Firgun The next time your friend gets good news, you have a word to describe how you feel about it.

3 Flechazo

Flechazo Now you have another word for this phenomenon.

4 Geborgenheit

Geborgenheit Your boyfriend should always make you feel this way.

5 Iktsuarpok

Iktsuarpok This is when you feel the good type of adrenaline.

6 Kilig

Kilig Some people refer to this as "butterflies."

7 Mamihlapinatapei

Mamihlapinatapei Now you know what to call it when you and your crush stare at each other.

What other words do you love from other languages?

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Kilig,,, hope to feel this again

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