7 Love Words from Other Cultures to Romance Your Partner ...


7 Love Words from Other Cultures to Romance Your Partner ...
7 Love Words from Other Cultures to Romance Your Partner ...

Even if you're only fluent in one language, you should set out to learn a few different words from around the world. That way, it'll be easier for you to express yourself. Cosmopolitan has created a handy grouping of words that you can read about right here:

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Cwtch Give your loved ones a hug so you can use this word today!


Embrace the Welsh tradition of cwtch, which is not just any regular hug—it's a heartfelt, safe haven created by the arms of your beloved. More intimate than a mere embrace, a cwtch offers comfort, affection, and a sense of belonging. It's where souls intertwine and worries fade away. So next time you pull your partner close, remember that you're giving them a sanctuary—a loving cocoon that speaks volumes without saying a word. Feel the power of a cwtch as it deepens your connection and envelops both of you in pure, unconditional love.



Firgun The next time your friend gets good news, you have a word to describe how you feel about it.



Flechazo Now you have another word for this phenomenon.



Geborgenheit Your boyfriend should always make you feel this way.



Iktsuarpok This is when you feel the good type of adrenaline.



Kilig Some people refer to this as "butterflies."



Mamihlapinatapei Now you know what to call it when you and your crush stare at each other.

What other words do you love from other languages?

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Kilig,,, hope to feel this again

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