14 Things Teenage Girls Should Learn about Love ...


Teenage Love is a complicated but beautiful thing.

I’m not saying that any other kind of romantic love isn’t;

but I believe those characteristics are especially true for love during the teenage years.

It could be mostly due to the fact that you are changing.

Your body is undergoing all kinds of changes and your hormones are all over the place.

Plus, you are still discovering who you are when you enter your teenage years.

You have yet to get a better understanding of your emotions, and teenage love is probably making things a little more complicated for you.

But that’s the beauty of being a teenager – having a flexible and more open mind.

Your ways are not completely set and you are still open to learning new things.

So sure, teenage love is not easy, but there are things you can learn to make it more bearable.

Here are 14 things teenage girls (or even boys) should learn about love.

1. Always Be Yourself

Always Be Yourself

You need to stop asking questions like, “How should I act?” You don’t need to act like anything or anyone.

You should always be yourself.

Of course, you need to keep in mind social graces, but those things don’t really change your essence as a person.

A Smile Can Work Wonders


Jeune Miles Dizon
Love AWS! So many helpful tips :) so, um, there's this boy I really like. He already knows I like him I think because my friends always tease me when he's around DX anyway, I know he doesn't like me back, he actually said it, really! :,( so I decided to forget about my crush on him. Is that the right thing to do? And honestly, I think he still likes his ex girlfriend. No offense, his ex is very nice, I've met her and I don't wanna crush on a boy who already likes someone else. I mean, I've seen a lot of other cute boys around my school. It's just that I haven't gotten the chance to talk to them properly or it's just that we don't have classes together. Help!
There is this guy i really love he says he love md too but i don't know if he really means it
Olivia Soto
Heather Jensen
That's so great! Thank you Brianna!! :)
Brianna Joann Lilja
This is really helpful stuff I'm currently half way through grade 11 and I've been in a relationship for a year. These tips extremely helpful!
Dude! you are in 6th grade! I am in 7 and don't even date yet! Right now you should focous on other stuff. I know this isn't what you want to hear but it's the the truth. Most guys that date are either jerks and don't have a good future or are looking for... you know... that type of stuff. Honestly you should wait untill you are older to date. at my school most of the people who date are players. please take my advise and stop dateing. you don't want your parent driving you to your date, would you?
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