7 Things You Can't Change about Men ...


There are some things you can't change about men and you just have to deal with. If you are with a guy that you think that you can change, you might want to check out my top 7 things you can't change about men! That way, you'll know whether or not you are wasting your time with the guy! So ladies, let's explore some things you can't change about men!

1. White Lies

Ladies, these little white lies that he tells you are one of the few things you can't change about men.

These are typically harmless little lies and when you find out that he lied, you likely aren't even mad about it.

Everyone lies sometimes, so don't try to change his habits!

Looking at Other Women


Ms Delacruz
LOL it is SO TRUE! although I have to admit that the only things that get a bit frustrating for me are the sex and the way my husband cleans. we've been married for 7 months, together for a year and a half and have known each other 6 years. sex for him is ALWAYS lol. it doesn't matter and I Love it too but not if I'm sweaty from a hot day because i don't feel sexy! And for me, it's important for me to feel clean, beautiful and sexy if I'm gonna get in the mood lol. his cleaning is actually very thorough and meticulous which is a good thing! but not when I'm cleaning and he's standing there watching how i do it; that's when I get aggravated LOL!
Hey Tesa! I bet that is not it at all. Have you ever talked to him about it though?
On the last one mine is the complete opposite. I could go for it 24/7 but my boyfriend doesn't act that interested most of the time. It worries me sometimes. Am i just not sexy enough?
The last one is wrong! He NEVER wants sex and I do. It's frustrating!
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