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What men want in women is simple: they want honest, reliable and confident women! It's not all about the looks anymore ladies, a guy wants someone that he can talk to and that he can plan on spending the rest of his life with! Below, I've got the top 7 what men want in women things, so you can keep tabs on what your potential new boyfriend might be looking for! Remember, what are you looking for in a guy? You might be surprised by what men want in women that doesn't revolve around looks!

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A man likes a girl that is stable, a girl that can not only commit to plans, but one that is willing to make them. What men want in women is similar to what their mothers are and stability typically brings them back to their childhood. So ladies, does that match up with your need/want of a man that's table?


Shared Interests

You don't want to stay with a guy that doesn't have at least some of the common ground with you right? It's the same for a guy! What men want in women all revolves around what they like to do. You wouldn't want to be with someone that is constantly wanting to go out to the club if you just want to stay in right? It's the same for a guy!



Believe it or not, guys actually like to be surprised girls. They like the anticipation and they like a girl who is willing give them a surprise once in a while. This is absolutely one of the top '**what men want in women**' things! So – pull out the flowers and try to woo your man!


Ability to Impress

This actually goes hand in hand with the surprises. A guy is looking for a girl that knows how to impress him. This is not just a girl that can impress him with surprising him, but also with her wit, sense of humor (which we'll get to later!) and even a bit of sarcasm! So ladies, what a man wants in a woman is be able to hold her own and to be a little sassy!



I'm sure that you've heard the 'confidence is key' line before right? Well, it's actually true! Guys understand that we are sensitive creatures and that we are insecure sometimes, but confidence is definitely one of the most attractive features to a guy. So, before approaching that hottie at the bar, give yourself a little pep talk and stroll on over there like you own the joint!


Sense of Humor

Ladies, you've got to learn to take a joke! It's a known fact that guys actually look for a girl that knows how to let loose and that has a really good sense of humor. After all, who would want someone that is serious all the time and doesn't joke back? So girls, lighten up a bit and give his sarcasm right back to him!



Finally, what a man wants in a woman all revolves around trust. Remember, you don't want a relationship that is going to be based on lies, you want a man you can trust too right? That's all a guy is looking for. He wants a girl that he can trust his life with as well as all of his secrets and confessions!

Now that you know exactly what a man wants in a woman, what do you think ladies? I know all of us have those qualities, we just have to highlight them! So – the next time you are on a date, showcase how confident you are or how awesome your sense of humor is! Do you think that I missed any 'what a man wants in a woman' items? Fellas out there, what do you look for in a lady? Share!

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Hahah one thing iam going to say he dosent me to be like his mom he wants me to be me and he is happy for the way iam , he loves me for who iam

Hi rosie, I am a man, through my point of view,if a person is totally intoxicate in love ,nothing else matters,the beloved surpass the rate 10/10. Ever encounter that kind of love?

Well, I guess that's why I'm still single.


If a guy gave you a rate of 6/10 is that a good sign :)

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