7 Myths about Men We Should Let Go of ...


Myths about men are interesting to discuss, some even a bit funny to hear yet all totally false and totally not something you need to take seriously or, God forbid, base your relationship on. Furthermore, unless your name is Marge Simpson, Wilma Flintstone or Peggy Bundy, there is no reason to view them as anything more than popular man myths that have either been busted or need to be busted ASAP! But, which myth about men do you find the most amusing, the most irritating or even very close to truth? Well, check out this list and do tell:

1. Men Are Simple Creatures

“They don’t think much, stress much, care much, have complicated feeling or whatnot and are, for that reason, completely and totally incapable of understanding us, the all-mighty, super-complicated beings!”

LOL! Well, as uplifting and ego-friendly this theory is, it might be a good idea to leave it behind and finally accept the fact that our dear men haven’t been left behind or pushed to the side during the process of evolution. They don’t need (and in most cases, don’t want) to be fixed, upgraded or enhanced in any way although some if not most are ready to adapt and go through a few changes in order to make you happy. Don’t expect to find your name on the list of Nobel Prize nominees, though – unless you’ve actually managed to prove Darwin wrong, came up with a serum able to jump-start evolutionary processes in single cell organisms or found a way to force fish into growing a pair of legs then helped it become proficient in at least two traditional folk dances, you really have nothing to be proud of as men are complicated just as we are and the “eat-sleep-mate” theory is just another myth about men we need to learn to let go off in order to be able to build a healthy, happy relationship!

Men Don’t Feel the Cold


Haley Elkins
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Heather Jensen
Ha! It so does! :)
Marissa Smith
Then explain why a lot of men wear shorts outside in the winter when it is below zero outside.
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