7 Places to Find Single Men ...


7 Places to Find Single Men ...
7 Places to Find Single Men ...

If you are looking for places to find single men, don’t worry, you are not alone! Many women of all ages are unsure of where to go to find the kind of man they are looking for. Bars are okay if you are looking for a “hook-up” but if you are looking for a mate, a long-term love, skip the bar. Finding someone on a dating site absolutely does work for some people, but if you are feeling nervous about the uncertainty of the guy you might find online, check out these places to find single men.

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Laundromat One of the best places to find single men is the laundromat. A LOT of single men do not have their own washer and dryer. Whether they are still in college, in their early twenties or an older bachelor, most guys who haven’t settled down don’t yet own a home, and as a result need to head to the laundromat when it’s time to wash their clothes. Sitting there waiting for your clothes to finish can be boring and it gives you a great opportunity to strike up a conversation with one of those hotties across the room watching his clothes spin around. Chances are there is a coffee shop nearby, take a short walk to grab some caffeine and snag an extra one for him. When you hand it to him just say something simple like “You look like you could use the boost as much as I could.” It's a great way to break the ice.


Grocery Store

Grocery Store While it’s not a definite that every guy who is shopping on his own is single, it’s a pretty sure bet that several of the guys walking around the store looking lost are alone. You can walk up to the guy who catches your eye and ask him his opinion on whether he thinks Vidalia Onions or Yellow Onions go better with steak and mushrooms. Or just ask him if he knows where to find a specific item. The very worst he can do is ignore you, and hey, who cares, you don’t know him anyway!


Local Concert

Local Concert A huge, well populated concert won’t work well for meeting guys, but a small concert held in a coffee house or park is a great place to strike up a conversation with someone who will most likely have the same taste in music as you. Get there early, snag a table (or bring a blanket if it’s in the park). When everyone is milling around after all the seats are taken, ask a guy who’s standing alone if he’d like to sit in your extra seat and share your table. In the park scenario, ask him if he’d like to sit on your comfy blanket, since you have the extra room.



Gym The gym is more of a place to let guys hit on you since you’re unlikely to be able to tell if they are single or not. What is hotter than a guy working on his body? If there’s someone there that you feel an instant attraction to, just be sure that you make eye contact and smile and perhaps try to time your workouts to coincide with his. Bring an extra bottle of water one day and hand it to him sweetly, telling him he looks like he could use some re-hydration. If he’s interested, he’ll flirt back, if he’s not…you’re just a nice girl who gave him her extra bottle of water, no big deal.


Dog Park

Dog Park Is there anything more attractive than a cute guy with an adorable puppy? The best part is if you take your dog (or a dog you volunteered to walk for a family member or friend) to the dog park, you are bound to run into a handsome man and his dog and the dogs will initiate the conversation for you! Just walk your dog close enough to his and chances are they will sniff at each other. Take this opportunity to admire his dog and tell him how sweet his dog is. You can further the conversation by asking about the dog's age, breed or if he knows of any other local areas to walk your pooch.


Fun Classes

Fun Classes No matter what city or town you live in, you can almost certainly find somewhere that offers some interesting courses from photography to cooking classes or even a writer’s workshop. Most of these classes have you pair up with another participant. This is your opportunity to join forces with that interesting guy sitting near you. You’ll get to learn more about him as you spend time working together and worst case scenario… he’s taken but you come away having learned a useful skill.


Book Store

Book Store If you’re an avid reader and are looking for someone like-minded, head on over to your favorite book store, but instead of scanning the stacks of books, scope out the other shoppers. If there’s a guy who strikes your fancy, pretend you’re looking for a book in the same section and ask his advice on a few that seem similar to the ones he’s looking at. Or ask him for his opinion of the book you’re picking out for your brother, dad or friend that is similar to the type of book he’s got his eye on.

The hardest part about finding single men is working up the courage to initiate conversation with them once you have them in your sights. If you go into the banter expecting nothing but some chit-chat, it puts less pressure on yourself. Look your best and feel your best when you head out the door, it’ll make you feel less self-conscious. Good luck out there, ladies! Any advice you’d like to pass along to help others snag a single man?

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The last photo of the guy sitting reading a book, he is wearing a wedding ring HAHAHAHA

Wandering around an auto parts / supply store is a great way to meet men . They love to show off their knowledge

Wish i can find a guy like that in my local laundromat LOL

This in interesting, looking for a gym to register right now

Where can my husband and I find decent couples to hang out with?! The ones we meet are nightmares!

Have you tried church?..my husband and I found great friends there ...

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