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7 Types of Guys to Always Avoid ...

By Diana

If you’re searching for that dreamy boy who’ll treat you right, you’ll also have to keep an eye out for the types of guys to avoid. While there are some men out there you’d never hesitate to bring home to the ‘rents, there are others who’ll make mom (and everyone within a 10-foot radius) cringe. If you ever happen to meet these 7 types of guys, run as fast as you can –into the arms of prince charming, of course!

1 The Obsessive Texter

The first type of guy to avoid is the one who can’t seem to put down that cell phone. If he’s checking up on you every .05 seconds, you need to rethink taking him up on that second date. Don’t get me wrong: he might have the very best of intentions, but he’s just going to get needier. And I’m sure your boss won’t appreciate you pulling out your phone during your next big team meeting.

2 The Serial Dater

You stalk his Facebook for the first time and up pops photos of his exes –all 25 of them. If he’s arm-in-arm with a new flame every few weeks, you should be asking yourself why he can’t keep a steady girlfriend. Chances are, he’s planning to go fishing again soon.


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3 The (Really) Bad Boy

Edgy, sarcastic guys can be sexy. Cheating, thieving, abusive guys…not so much. I’ve watched in horror as some of my best pals frolicked straight into a bad boy’s trap. I know that some of you would jump at the chance to take on a “lost cause”, which is why I urge you to visit your local animal shelter. I’m sure the gentleman you hold out for would be more than willing to pet your new puppy.

4 The Couch Potato

Another type of guy to avoid is one who’s perpetually lazy. If he asks you to pull the socks off his feet after a long day of playing Super Mario Brothers, it’s game over for the two of you. Ladies, you deserve a man who can measure up –outside of the virtual arena.

5 The Misogynist

No matter how liberal your city is, misogynists seem to slip through the cracks like black mold…eek! If you ever hit the town with this toxic type of man, grab your purse and hail a cab. Men who hate women have no right to date us –or anyone, for that matter.

6 The Control Freak

A type of guy you should always avoid is the control freak. If he needs to know how much cash you have in your wallet, how many guy friends you have, and where you are at all times, delete his number right now. Nothing good can come from constantly being monitored by your guy; in fact, it’s a common trait in abusers. Yikes!

7 The Manipulator

The last type of guy you should avoid is one who toys with your emotions. Some boys are so insecure that they’ll attempt to make you feel terrible about yourself. One of my close friends once dated a guy who pouted and sulked every time she hung around with her friends, making her feel like an awful person for having a social life. So, if you find yourself going out in the clothing he wants you to wear and haven’t spoken to your bestie in weeks, a breakup should be the next thing on your agenda. Buh-bye, manipulator!

These are 7 types of guys you should avoid at all costs. Do any of these types of guys remind you of one of your exes? What other boys do you avoid?

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