7 Things You Shouldn't Hide from Your Partner if You Want a Serious Relationship ...


If you think that you’ve found your true love, there are things you shouldn’t hide from your partner.

Committed relationships require both members to be completely honest.2

If you keep secrets from him, you’re holding yourself back from letting him know the real you.

When you’re in love, remember that there are plenty of things you shouldn’t hide from your partner.

1. Natural Beauty

If you think your man is ‘the one,’ you won’t be able to hide your true appearance from him.

He’s going to see your hair after you get out of the shower and your face when it’s free of make-up.2

Don’t worry, because he’s going to love what you look like, even if you’re insecure.

Your appearance is one of the things you shouldn't hide from your partner, simply because he's going to see the real you eventually.

If you move in together, the charade is over.

2. Credit Debt

If you plan on merging bank accounts or getting married, you have to let him know about your financial situation.

Your credit score will affect him, and may even affect your relationship.2

He may help you out or he may lecture you about the proper way to manage money.

If you two are serious, he’s going to discover the truth eventually.

It’s better he hears it from you than sees it on a bill.

3. Your Dreams

Let him know exactly what you want from life, even if you’re worried he’ll find it silly.

He could be able to help make your dreams become a reality.

Even if there’s nothing he can do, he can at least listen and learn.

The more he knows about you, the closer you’ll become.

Why wouldn’t you want to share your heart and mind with him?

4. Food Intake

Some women order salads when they want steak.

They believe it will trick their date into thinking they’re healthy and fit.

However, you won’t be able to hide your love of ice cream once you live under the same roof.

Besides, who wants a man that judges you on your waist?

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