10 Times 🀐 You Shouldn't 🚫 Be 100% Honest with Your Man 🀞🏼 ...


The best relationships are built on honesty.

In fact, it’s essential to have a successful relationship.

But there’re some situations that complete honesty isn’t helpful with.

Dishonesty isn’t the answer but leaving some things left unsaid is.

1. When You Hate His Clothes

When You Hate His Clothes

So you don’t love how your man dresses.

Should you tell him?

No, not unless he directly asks you what you think of his style.

You can influence his style by telling him he looks great when he does wear something you think isn’t so bad.

You can also give him clothing as gifts to help him see he has more options in fashion.

That You Still Think about Your Ex


Perhaps telling him you don't like his clothes will offend him. We don't want them to tell us how to dress either. And perhaps the ex thing is a bit complicated too, but the rest? If you've had better, it means he doesn't know you as he should, for instance: he doesn't know what pleases you the most, and if you want it to work, you NEED to know each other. The same goes for jealousy: you should know how the other feels.
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Dressing up part is true!!!
Sapna Pathak
Point 5 abs true
peony blue
Tell him if u don't like his clothes esp if you are walking down the streets with him and U look nice and he doesn't if he is into you then he wouldnt mind so far as you are not rude about it. Anyway in most cases girls would buy stuff for the boyfriend because lets face it some men dont care for clothes but trust me when they look good they know they look good. .
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