17 Things You Should Never Say during Sex 😳 ...


We all know that there are things we never want to hear in the heat of the moment, so it stands to reason that there are certain things you should never say during sex, either. You want to avoid awkward moments at all possible costs because, well, sex has enough potential for awkwardness all on its own. So, the next time you're doing the deed, try not to think about this list because if you do, the odds are pretty good that you'll accidentally say one of these things. Sorry 'bout that.

1. Your Ex's Name

person, emotion, Damn, it,, just,

This goes without saying, of course – in fact, try not to use anyone else's name, period.

Never, Ever, Ever Say β€œintercourse”


Rakesh Prasad
I said I love u girl after a kiss
Lori Johnson
Lol..about the pants. I asked my boyfriend in the beginning, "Do you have Asthma? Do I need to get your inhaler? " I was serious. The last thing I wanted to explain to EMS or anyone, is why and what caused it. Muchless his family!
^^^ hahahahahaha that comment of "do u want me to take off my pants" πŸ˜‚
How about goodbye!
Sevina Pepsicola
One time me and my bf had sex while I was on my period.. He stopped in the middle of it and said "you know you're bleeding right?"
Sophie Amiard
My first and (of course) ex bf interrupted the foreplay and asked me "do you want me to take off my pants and is to make love" with very serious and formal tone...just tell boys not to say that ^^
Love this haha
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