Essential Second Date 💏👯‍ Tips Nobody is Ever Telling 🤐 ...


You’ve navigated the potential minefield of a first date and a second date is looming.

How exciting.

A second date is a whole new chapter.

Those dos and don’ts that everyone says you shouldn’t do on a first date can be pushed to the wayside and the nerves have abated somewhat.

You can now get on with the business of taking the next step into your new relationship.

Here’s how to get through date number two and hook yourself a third.

1. Give a Little More, but Not All!

So most of the small talk has already been done on the very first date, but one of the best tips for second dates is to reveal some more about yourself without giving absolutely everything away all at once.

This doesn’t mean you have to be completely mysterious, but just be aware of how much you are revealing at such an early stage.

If he’s really into you, he’ll want to find out the rest on the third, fourth and fifth dates!2

Don’t Repeat Yourself


Kayley Marie Duncan
got drunk and told him about my ex and how i used to post revealing pics on twitter and took a bath with him.. worst idea ever he cancelled on our 3rd date :(
What are cheap but fun date ideas cuz I'm like trying to save up for a car 😬
Got u boo 😘
Linnae Andrea Rogers
This post was very well timed as I've got a second date with an amazing guy next week... So thank you!!
Because in the will know why the others didn't work out
You should ALWAYS be yourself don't ever change yourself for some boy if he doesn't love you they God wanted you to be then obviously he isn't they the one.
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