Don't Feel Bad about Doing These Things to Your BF ...


Don't Feel Bad about Doing These Things to Your BF ...
Don't Feel Bad about Doing These Things to Your BF ...

You love your boyfriend, so you don't want to annoy him in any way. Of course, it's impossible to keep him content twenty-four seven. Sometimes, you've got to do what you've got to do, even if he won't be happy about it. That's why you should never feel bad about doing these irritating things to your boyfriend:

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Nagging Him to Remember Something

Nagging Him to Remember Something He won't be happy when you continuously remind him to close his car windows so that the rain doesn't get in. However, it'll push him to do it. If you didn't nag him, then he'd end up with a ruined interior. He might not realize how much your nagging pays off, but it's certainly helpful.


Forcing Him to Go to Your Friend’s Party

Forcing Him to Go to Your Friend’s Party He might be annoyed when you tell him that his Friday night plans involve going to your friend's party, instead of asking him if he'd actually like to go. However, once you enter a serious relationship, you two become a team. He should be happy that your friends want him around. It's a compliment, really.


Sending Him Multiple Texts in a Row

Sending Him Multiple Texts in a Row You don't want to send your boyfriend ten texts in a row, just because he hasn't answered you in the last five minutes. However, if you have a big story to tell him, don't stop yourself from sending him a million texts in a row. His phone plan can take it. Besides, he's dating you, which means he must love hearing from you. The more texts, the merrier.


Turning down His Sexual Offers

Turning down His Sexual Offers He'll probably become grumpy when you turn down sex. However, he doesn't want you to do something that you're uncomfortable doing. If you're not in the mood, then you shouldn't let him have his way with you while you stare off into space. He wants you to enjoy the experience as much as he does, so even though he seems frustrated, you shouldn't feel bad about turning down his offers.


Refusing to Cook or Clean for Him

Refusing to Cook or Clean for Him You should share household responsibilities, which means you should take turns cooking and cleaning. However, if he expects you to do all the housework all the time, don't feel bad about putting him in his place. You're supposed to be equals, which means it's not your job to make him dinner. You're his girlfriend, not his maid.


Telling Him the Truth about an Outfit

Telling Him the Truth about an Outfit Some men know nothing about fashion. If your boyfriend tries to step out of the house in an outfit that clearly clashes, don't hesitate to tell him to change. He might be embarrassed about you pointing out his mistake, but it's better for you to do it than for his friends to make fun of him the rest of the day.


Asking Him to do You a Favor

Asking Him to do You a Favor If you need a tire changed or need help with your homework, don't feel like a bother for asking for your boyfriend's help. After all, that's what he's there for. He's dating you, because he wants to assist you in whatever way he can. So don't feel bad about needing his help.


Leaving Him to Go out

audience, screenshot, You need time apart once in awhile. Don't feel bad if you want to go out with your friends a night. You have every right to have your free time as does he. Don't go out and get stupid or cheat, but definitely go have a good time with the girls!


Asking Him to Take Care of You

image, GGL, Sing, Soft, Kitty, No, you don't need a man to support you, but when you're sick there's nothing wrong with asking your guy to lend a hand cleaning, making you soup, or running out to grab you meds. In sickness and in health doesn't just apply to marriage; if he's serious about you and cares, he'll take care of you no questions asked.


Taking Time for YourselF

color, image, lady, performance art, romance, Sometimes we get so caught up in relationships we forget to do the things we love. Instead of feeling bad about going to the gym or going to bed early to read a book, you should just do them. It's better for your mental health to stay engaged in the things you enjoy, and it'll be better for your relationship in the long run because you won't resent him for giving things up.

Don't feel bad about doing these things to your boyfriend, because they're a part of any relationship. Does your boyfriend get annoyed when you do anything on this list?

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This is all true when it comes to my relationship

Love this article!

oh thank goodness!

This is clearly an article aim to teen relationships 😒😒

Omg 6 is so true;if he looks bad then you should tell him. Be honest.

Yup, I've told my partner the outfit he's wearing looks bad. No shame. Gotta make sure he's dressed well

This is crazy. Definitely feminist opinion. Kind of good message but presented inappropriately

I love #7 picture thing XD is it bad that, that's literally meXD but I love this article!

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