Brilliant Ways to Make Him Absolutely Crazy about You ...


Brilliant Ways to Make Him Absolutely Crazy about You ...
Brilliant Ways to Make Him Absolutely Crazy about You ...

You don’t have to be the sexy, seductive, vampish femme fatale like in the movies to make your man crazy for you. Neither do you have to be manipulative or sneaky. You want him to be crazy for you, not enraged by unrequited passion or feeling used. You can make him crazy for you and still be in a happy, contented relationship.

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Make Him Feel Valued

Even if you are the one who is secretly in charge, give his ego a boost every now and again by letting him show off his masculine side. Every man likes to have his ego massaged now and then. Whether it’s pretending to ask him for directions or letting him make all the big decisions in certain situations, the more valued he feels by you, the crazier he will become about you!


Indulge His Hobbies

Make the effort to indulge in some of the hobbies that he really loves, whether that means going to a game of football to watch his favorite team or sitting down to watch all four Die Hard movies one after the other. It might not be your favorite thing in the world, but he will love that you are at least taking an interest in the things that he really likes.


Give Him Compliments

It’s not just us girls that like to be given a nice compliment every now and then. Whenever you think he’s looking particularly handsome or is dressed particularly well, make sure to let him know. Getting compliments is always nice and you always look more fondly on the person who has complimented you, so throw him a few kind words and he will be putty in your hands!


Be a Little Mysterious

Many men love a little cat and mouse type playful nature in their relationships, so try to keep a touch of mystery about yourself that will drive him crazy and make him want you even more. There is nothing sexier than a sultry, seductive atmosphere than can be created by mystery, so act a little aloof now and then and make him wonder what he might be missing!


Don’t Crowd Him

Just because you are in a relationship is does not mean that you have to be together 24/7. Try to give him some space to do the things that he enjoys doing alone or to hang out with his friends. He’ll love you for trusting him and the periods of time spent apart will only serve to make your bond stronger. When you meet back up, he’ll want you more than ever.


Be a Little Suggestive

Try to maintain that touch of spice that can unfortunately so easily be lost when a relationship progresses from its early stages. This can be done in many ways, like sending a few suggestive and naughty texts throughout the day, buying some sexy underwear or even being a bit more dominant in the bedroom department than you usually are. These little changes in your routine will serve to keep him on his toes and anticipating what you will do next; an irresistible thought!


Be There for Him

Aside from all the sexy games and playful tips, an important aspect of your relationship is to always be there for your boyfriend when he needs a shoulder to lean on or a sensible head to talk to. Some men can find it hard to express themselves, but when they do find a person that they feel they can open up to, they will never want to let them go!

A man will fall in love with a woman who will help him become more and more the man he always wanted to be. If you manage to do this, he will have no choice but to crave being with you. By doing this, you are creating a positive energy that will encourage him to feel better about everything about himself. The more he feels good about himself next to you, or thanks to your positive energy, the more you will become irresistible to him.

How do you keep your man crazy for you? What's your best tip?

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All of those are true and helpful, one thing i do also is to cook for him

This doesn't work... Men are just superficial scumbag assholes who only care about their weinerz!!!

I definitely don't hate on black women dating or marrying white men. As long as the two of them are happy and can weather the storm of haters from both races, then that's a beautiful thing. A black woman that is with a white man is not doing me a disservice because there are still just as many of them out there looking for an eligible black man like myself.

I like to see articles on how men should be with a woman

I am not getting married even though I been with my boyfriend 2 half years

I've been married 21 years. 💕

tat s really a luvly tip. Thou gals do it, they dunno how to put em across, now tat v ve tis post tat explains wat al of us re doing. It really excites to me n everyone, I believe. Thanks Neecey

These are all so important! Especially number 6 and 7!

All tips are great! I will try to practice them every day! Thank you ❣️

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