7 Types of Men 👨🏽👱🏽🕵🏽That Totally Aren't ❌ as Bad as They Seem ...


There are certain men that we're told to stay away from.

However, if you listen to generalized advice, you might miss out on something great with a genuinely good guy.

That's why you shouldn't believe every stereotype that you hear about.

Here are a few types of men that aren't as bad as they seem:

1. Guys Who Can’t Hold a Conversation

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You want to date someone that you're able to talk to comfortably.

However, just because he sucks at texting doesn't mean that he sucks at talking face-to-face.

That means you shouldn't give up on him, just because he says "haha" and "k." Try hanging out with him in person and seeing if he acts any differently.

If he does, and you two start to date, his texting will eventually become more relaxed.

Guys Who Have Never Been in a Relationship before
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