15 Unexpected 😱 Valentine's Day Gifts 🎁 for Your Lover 💑 ...


Of course you love your significant other so it makes sense that you want to give him or her something totally unexpected this Valentine's Day.

There are so many options out there and I know it's hard to come up with the perfect Valentine's Day gift on the spot.

That's why you are going to love this totally fabulous list of unexpected Valentine's Day gifts for your lover!

Each one gets rave reviews from people who have received it.

The only trouble now is choosing which one to get for your love.

1. State Silhouette Wooden Box Sign

picture frame, wood, rectangle, (ANE, TACOMA,

Use the little red heart sticker to mark the place you met, or where you make your home together… isn’t this a sweet, romantic idea?

Price: $22 at shop.nordstrom.com

Bose® SoundLink® Color Bluetooth® Speaker


Heather Jensen
Hi Tara! I think that if you've been together for a while, it's okay -- my mom has a tattoo of my Dad's name on her arm, but they've been together for 32 years. If you've been together 6 months, that might not be smart. :)
Heather Jensen
That's so cute! My girlfriend and I have matching tattoos too. :)
@Heather Jensen we both have "so it goes" from Slaughter House Five.
Heather Jensen
Oh man! That's amazing! :) Which quote?
I'm sorry, but I don't agree with you on that getting your husbands name tattooed on you means big trouble. We have each others name and have been happily married for years.
Daniela Fainus 
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
My boyfriend and I have a favourite quote by Kurt Vonnegut tattooed in the same spot but it is written in each others hand writing. It has become my most loved tattoo! Best. Gift. Ever!
Eva Sklow
I'm getting my boyfriend a John Smoltz Braves throwback jersey. He is going to flip!!!
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