15 Valentine's Day Gifts to Get Your Man ...


Finding the right Valentine's Day gifts for men is never easy! They don't like anything we do (yanno, Coach purses, anything from Victoria's Secret), they are so difficult to shop for! This Valentine's Day, if you are looking for the right Valentine's Day gifts for men, you've got to check out my list. I've got a gift for every type of guy!

1. Cologne


Cologne is one of the most popular Valentine's Day gifts for men! My mom always gets my dad cologne for any occasion. Acqua di Gio by Armani is my favorite. It smells amazing on any guy – or girl even! I use it all of the time and it smells just as awesome!

Wine Aerator


Heather Jensen
What else is he into? :)
What can I get when my man has everything and has absolutely no interest in sports?
Stefndelvis John
The iPad cover sounds amazing
Heather Jensen
Hi Janice! Great idea! I'll make a post like that.
Heather Jensen
Hi Angela! There are a ton of them at The Sharper Image and even at Brookstone! :)
Janice Delgado
This are very expensive gifts. I wish there was a list of more creative/less expensive surprises for men...
Angela Bennett Redd
Where can we get that leather iPad case? That is very attractive!
Heather Jensen
What type of stuff does he like? :)
Chantae Vetrice Spinelli
I wish I could get my husband some of these things but he is quite picky.... :-/
Heather Jensen
Hi! I'd say something small but has thought behind it. What have you two done together?
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