7 Ways Men Think Differently than Women ...

We know that men are vastly different than us, but did you know that there are ways men think differently than women?

Their minds actually work in a much different pattern than ours do.

Learning about this is helpful because it really sheds light on the differences that you have and why some of your interactions are so perplexing.

Knowing the ways men think differently than women can be very helpful to you.

1. They Think Single, We Think Multiple

One of the ways men think differently than women do is that they tend to think about only one thing at a time.

I don’t know about you, but my mind goes in many different ways all of the time.

I can think of many, many different things at a time.

Because men focus so intently on just one thing, they tend to be very β€˜in the zone’ when they get into something and this is why.

This helps me to understand a little more about my guy, what about you?

They Think in Pictures