7 Types of Crushes We've All Had at Some Point ...


Most of us have experienced the same types of crushes at some point in our lives. Some crushes are a harmless part of growing up, while others should never be acted upon. Some may even turn into a proper relationship. Do you recognise the following types of crushes …

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Of all the different types of crushes, this is very common when you are younger. Teachers can seem very appealing because of their maturity and authority. But this is one type of crush that you should never pursue. They are almost certainly not interested in you, other than as their student. And if they were interested, it would be highly inappropriate and put their job at risk.


Best Friend's Boyfriend

Don't even go here. The guy that your friend is dating is completely off limits. But what if he is your friend's ex? Generally speaking, it's best to leave well alone even if your friend has split up with him. Take your cue from her. She may be perfectly fine with the idea. But if she is not, ask yourself what matters more - a guy that you may lose interest in, or your friend?


Someone Who Isn't Interested

We've definitely all been through this one - having a crush on someone who barely even knows we exist. Or they just don't have any feelings for us. These unrequited crushes can be quite painful, but it's something you just have to accept. Ultimately these feelings tend to peter out. It's difficult to maintain an interest in someone who will never want to date us.



You don't have to be young to have a crush on a celebrity, but this type of crush is at its most intense in the teens. You feel as if your life will be meaningless if you don't meet them. Of course, you're never going to meet them, and you will grow out of the crush in good time. But we all have a less intense crush when we're older - be honest!


Girl Crush

A girl crush is often one that focuses on a celebrity, although we don't seriously dream of being with them. It's generally more that we love their style and attitude. Girl crushes are usually about wishing that we were like them or had their life. These crushes can also be focused on someone you know, like a boss or an older girl in school.


Guy in a Store

Have you ever frequented a particular store because there's a really hot guy working there? Do you find excuses to go in just so that you can see him? Bear in mind that if he flirts with you, it might just be that he does that with all women, or that he's hoping to get a sale. But if you can handle being knocked back (and there's an alternative store to shop in), you could try chatting him up …


A Weird Crush

Everybody has a weird crush - they may not admit to it though! Weird crushes tend to be focussed on celebrities that are not conventionally handsome, and you can't explain what it is about them. You'd be embarrassed to admit to your crush and people would probably ask why on earth you fancy them. The good thing about this kind of crush is that it shows your individuality, rather than fancying Brad Pitt like everyone else.

Crushes form a part of our emotional development, and on the whole are harmless. Just be careful about mistaking them for something more lasting. Who is your weird crush?

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3 every time lol

#3 is also the Story of My Life ☺️

Never had the first two, but #3 is the story of my life x)

The teacher crush

I never grew out of my crush on Leo DiCaprio. It's been 16 years since it started

Ahaha all of these are so relatable!

No. 4, 6 & 7 aha - xo

#5 #suggestion okay but maybe (just maaaybe) girl crushes can be legitimate interest in someone of the same sex? and that's just maaaaybe okay? and maybe we could just say it? A cute way of writing that into the article would be "Sometimes girl crushes are about wanting to be them or be around them, but who knows! Maybe they're you're one exception!" see it maintains the heteronormativity of the article that y'all like so much, but it at least doesn't totally erase or confuse bisexual or lesbian women!! :)

2 3 5 and 7 hahaha

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