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11 Traits in Women That Guys Think Are Adorable ...

By Holly

Don't be afraid of being yourself, because there are quirky traits in women that men adore. Look at Zooey Deschanel. She's not a sex object, but she's someone who most guys have a crush on. If you're worried that your personality is a turn off, don't fret, because there are guys who love quirky traits in women.

1 Passionate over Hobbies

Whether you're obsessed with reading or knitting, guys love girls with a passion. It's great to see that someone has a life outside of their relationship. One of the quirky traits in women that men love is being passionate. It shows him just how much you can love something. If he's lucky, one day you'll care about him just as much as you care about your hobby.

2 Singing Sentences

Don't be afraid to break out into song and dance. If you're in public, you might want to keep it down, but if you're in your kitchen or car, go crazy. By acting goofy around him, you're showing him that you're comfortable with him. As long as your voice isn't too horrendous, he'll think the action is cute. Just try to sing on key.

3 Randomly Laughing

Remembering the funny post you saw online last night can trigger the giggles. When you start randomly laughing, some people get self conscious. They wonder what you find so funny, and hope that they're not the butt of the joke. However, once a guy gets to know you, he'll realize that your laughter can come at any time. It's always nice to see a girl with a bright smile, so why wouldn't he love seeing you grin?

4 Sharing Laughs

He might get annoyed by the unlimited YouTube videos you send him, but he knows it comes from a good place. When you find something funny, you want to share it with him. It means that you don't want to keep all of the happiness for yourself. You'll do anything to make him smile. Plus, it gives you something to talk about the next time you see him.

5 Wearing What You Want

Wearing hipster glasses or a uniquely patterned dress can look adorable if done the right way. As long as you feel comfortable in it, that's all that matters. If fandom shirts are your thing, then wear them as much as possible. Men love women who aren't afraid of being themselves. All it takes is a little confidence.

6 Playing around

If you tease him all the time, there will be days when he gets frustrated. But overall, it's nice to have someone who isn't afraid to push your buttons. He'll love the fact that you're able to joke around with each other. Your playfullness will keep him on his toes. He won't be able to predict your next move, which will keep him interested.

7 Talking to Yourself

Some people will call you crazy for talking to yourself. Others will find it alluring. It all depends on who the man is. If you say little things to yourself or make silly sound effects, don't be embarrassed. The right guy will find every little thing you do adorable.

8 Naming Things

Do you like to name your belongings? Maybe you have a special name for your car, your favorite handbag, pieces of clothing or maybe all of the above. This is another habit that some people might think is crazy, but it's actually quite cute and endearing.

9 Excitement over Little Things

Believe it or not, getting excited over the little things in life is adorable to men. Are you the type of girl who does a happy dance when you're having your favorite food or you gasp uncontrollably over your favorite celebrity? Some people might find this annoying, but others will think it makes you downright lovable!

10 Secret Talents

Just about everyone has a secret talent. You might not be very proud of it, but I bet you have an unusual talent that only he knows about. Maybe you can do a spot-on Homer Simpson impression or burp the entire alphabet at the drop of a hat. He might act like he doesn't care, but he thinks it's pretty darn cool.

11 Your Facial Expressions

You might not always be aware of it, but women tend to be quite expressive without saying a single word. Whether you're fawning over puppies, saw something gross or accidentally let a curse word slip out, women are very revealing through their facial expressions and guys love to see all the different expressions and reactions you have that are unique to you!

Never be afraid to be yourself. It's the only way you'll be happy in life. Do you like it when boys do any of the things listed above?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lisa Washington.

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