Top Heartfelt πŸ’– Ways to Reaffirm Your Love with Your Special Person πŸ’‘ ...


It’s important to stay connected to your relationship.2

Not staying in touch with your feelings for your partner or not demonstrating them on a regular basis can lead to staleness and to you each taking each other and the relationship for granted.

No one wants a relationship that is so comfortable it coasts along on a sea of mundanity.

Keep the love flowing:

1. Body Contact

Body Contact

Make a conscious effort to engage in more body contact throughout the day.

Even simple hugs and casual arm touches can make a difference.

2. Cook a Meal

Cook a Meal

Cooking your partner’s favorite dinner is a wonderful way to show you care about them, and you both get a tasty meal as a result!

3. Keep Flirting

Keep Flirting

Just because you’ve been together for a long time, it doesn’t mean that the art of flirting should be forgotten!

4. Always Apologize

Always Apologize

All couples have arguments, it’s natural, but what is important is that you both remember to apologize afterwards to you can move on together.

5. Initiate a Surprise

Initiate a Surprise

Keep some spontaneity in the relationship but surprising them every now and then.

Perhaps a last minute date night or a simple gift once in a while.

6. Be Appreciative

Be Appreciative

Always show your appreciation to your partner when they have done something to help you;

it makes them feel loved and valued.

7. Be Poetic

Be Poetic

Even if it’s not your forte, think about writing a little love poem to stick on the fridge or slip in to a card.

It’s an intimate and thoughtful way of showing love.

8. Laugh Together

Laugh Together

Laughter is the best medicine, so remember to seek the funny side of your relationship to keep it going strong.

9. Do the Unexpected

Do the Unexpected

In order for your relationship not to plateau and become boring, keep a fun air of the unexpected between the two of you to stop it going stale.

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