8 Ways to Show How You Feel without Saying a Word ...


Show How You Feel by using a gesture -- using your eyes and using your facial expressions isn't always easy. Sometimes, you might want to flash that look to your man and have him know what you're feeling. I've got the top 8 ways to show how you feel without you having to use a single word! After all, learning to show how you feel without a word is important, especially in a relationship!

1. Facial Expressions

Your face expresses a lot and you might not even realize it! Your facial expressions are actually one of the top ways to show how you feel without you having to say anything. A crinkle of your nose, a roll of your eyes or even just a frown can completely change the way you show how you feel. Keep that in mind ladies!

Eye Contact


i met a boy at some other school..and i instantly felt enchanted by his vice,eyed ,hair and the awesome smile..how should i express my feelings..he has just seen me and he doesn't even knoe me .he is ...
Hi well it all comes down to the smile. I once was told to smile with your eyes. That may not make sense, but it is the truth.
Hello Colette! I'd definitely say that he likes you! If he's constantly singling you out whenever you're with your friends and if he's constantly touching you. It's a sign! It sounds like to me, h...
Flora Marie
Hii :) so i do this stageschool every saturday for three hours and i reallly like this boy who goes there. Hes a year older but all my friends think hes into me.. He is always hugging me, touching me,...
how do u show love in ur eyes???
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