Types of Relationships Whose Only Destination is Disaster 💑🔜💔 ...


The worst types of couples are the ones who are behaving in unhealthy ways, but don't care about it.

They want to be in a relationship, so they'll look past all of the ridiculous things that they're putting up with.

As long as they have someone to call their boy/girlfriend, they're happy.

Here are some of the worst types of couples that you should never be a part of:

1. Too Much Texting

They text each other all the time, but they never talk on the phone or see each other in person.

They don't even know the color of their partner's eyes, because they're always looking down at a screen.

Sure, they'll occasionally send Snapchats to each other, but that's the only time that they'll see each other's face.2

This is one of the worst types of couples, because they only survive through technology.

Desperate and Dependent


This article is spot-on.
Uuugh so true hate the on snd off ones!
Number 7 is relatable...too relatable but it's hard to let go completely when the feelings are still there
My girl and I are kind of on and off, we never break up but argue and threaten one another a lot with it...
Some of these types are not bad. And I can see where people would get mad reading. But the author is saying that if these things are to the extreme. Like always texting and never hanging out, how does that make for a good relationship? Or kissing in public constantly and making out in inappropriate places? Your relationship must be based on lust if you never actually talk to each other because you're only ever kissing or having sex. You have to realize the author is doing the extreme versions of this would make for a bad relationship. A little of each of these don't cause a relationship to be bad. So take a step back and look at it as a whole before writing a comment saying the author doesn't know what she's talking about. Rant done, thanks bye ✌️
Couples who make out in public is gross. No one wants to see you two sucking each others faces.
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