7 Important Responsibilities You Have as a Girlfriend ...


7 Important Responsibilities You Have as a Girlfriend ...
7 Important Responsibilities You Have as a Girlfriend ...

Whether you realize it or not, there are a number of responsibilities you have as a girlfriend. Once you get serious, it's not all fun and games. You have to be there for your partner, no matter what. It can be difficult to fulfill all of the responsibilities you have as a girlfriend, but you're capable of doing so. If you're not sure what you're supposed to accomplish, here are a few key things to keep in mind:

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Play Nurse

When he's sick, you're the one that should be at his bedside feeding him soup and making sure he takes his medicine. It won't be fun when you need to rush to find a bucket for him to throw up in, but it's one of the responsibilities you have as a girlfriend. You may not be married yet, but the whole "in sickness and in health" rule still applies.


Caring for your ill partner creates a deep emotional bond, showing him just how much you really care. From fluffing his pillows to ensuring he stays hydrated, every little act of kindness won't go unnoticed. It's about being his comforter when he feels vulnerable, proving that love isn't just about the good times but about sticking together when things get tough. Brushing his hair back and placing a cool cloth on his forehead might seem like small gestures, but they can mean the world to him when he's feeling down. Remember, nurturing him now solidifies the foundation of your partnership for the future.


Encourage Him

If he's passionate about art, don't let him put down his paint brush. Never let him give up his dreams, even if his schedule becomes super busy. Always let him know that you're there for him, and that you truly believe that he can do anything he sets his mind to.


Encouragement goes beyond just cheering him on; it's about providing the support he needs during tough times. If he's up late working on his art, offer to make him a cup of coffee, or simply sit with him, offering silent solidarity. Remind him of his past successes when he's feeling doubtful, and make sure to celebrate all his achievements, however small. Your belief in him can be a powerful catalyst for his creativity and perseverance, and your role in boosting his confidence can be a cornerstone in the edifice of his aspirations.


Be His Therapist

You're the person that he should come to with his problems. You might not be able to fix them, but at least you can assure him that someone is there for him. It's scary to think you're alone in the world. Let him know that he's not, because you're right there with him to help him through whatever hardships he faces in life. Sometimes, all a person needs is someone to listen to their issues.


Being a supportive partner extends to being a sounding board for his frustrations and fears. Remember, you don't need to provide solutions to every issue - sometimes, being present and attentive is enough. Acknowledge his feelings, validate his concerns, and offer encouragement. Your empathy can be a powerful tool in strengthening your connection. It’s also important to maintain boundaries and ensure that his reliance on you for emotional support is healthy and does not become overwhelming or one-sided. Balance is key – offer support, but also encourage him to seek additional help if necessary.


Provide Entertainment

You don't have to keep your partner occupied at all times of the day, but you should be a source of happiness for him. You two should know how to have fun together. It's one of the most important aspects of any relationship, so don't let each other get bored. You're there to spice up their life, not to keep it dull.


Engaging in activities you both enjoy, whether it's a spontaneous dance-off in the living room, a competitive game night, or exploring a new hobby together, keeps the spark alive. Laughter and shared experiences are the glue that bond you as a couple. Remember to surprise him occasionally with an unexpected date or a thoughtful gesture. By creating lasting memories together, you ensure that your relationship remains vibrant and joyful.


Make Him Feel like He Matters

If you're in a healthy relationship, both of you will feel like you make a difference in each other's life. You might not need each other to survive, but you wouldn't want to live without each other. You help him when he needs it, and he returns the favor. It's a give and take relationship, just like it should be.


To make him feel valued, take the time to appreciate the little things he does. Acknowledge his efforts and achievements, whether it's fixing something around the house or excelling at work. Listen to his dreams and fears, and provide support without unwarranted criticism. Celebrate his uniqueness and tell him how much you cherish his presence in your life. A genuine compliment can go a long way to boost his confidence and strengthen the bond you share. Remember, it's not about grand gestures but consistent, thoughtful acknowledgment of his importance to you.


Accept Him

No matter how weird his quirks are, you accept him, and even love him. It's hard to find people that you're completely comfortable with, so if he feels like you're someone he can be himself around, you're doing your job right.


Embracing all of him – his early morning bed hair, the way he laughs too loudly at cheesy jokes, or his passion for collecting vintage comic books – makes him treasure your acceptance. It's the little imperfections that make him unique, and when you celebrate these rather than criticize, you build a sanctuary of trust. This love creates a powerful bond, one where flaws are not dealbreakers but endearing traits that deepen your connection. Remember, acceptance is a form of love that speaks volumes, assuring him that he's found a truly special place in your heart.


Be His Friend

The word "friend" is in "girlfriend" for a reason. You're not just the girl that he goes to to kiss and snuggle with--you're also the girl who is supposed to be his best friend. Laugh at his jokes when they're funny, and listen to his stories whether they're interesting or not.

If you want your relationship to last, you have to make sacrifices for your partner. You don't always have to do something extravagant or dire, but it's important to take time out of your day to make his brighter. How many months or years was your longest relationship?

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I want a man that can take care of me, not the other way around. Is that weird?

I think it's important to do these things if you expect the same. And if he doesn't hold up his end of the relationship, you deserve better!

Love this.. So true.. :)

Yeah and their also suppose to do the same .... Some don't so why should I ?

Nice 😊

3 nd a hlf year 😛❤️😊

Men these days just aren't all that giving, they are more than happy to receive but a lot don't want to give in return. "Gentlemen" is a word of the past I believe, unfortunately.

Married 13 years in late October ; we have been together since January 2000

I followed every one of those suggestions long before they were posted here. 1977 to be exact. We've been married 36 years and both of us, to this day, still follow the above mentioned suggestions. They really do work ladies... I promise....

Totally agree, but bruh, if things are rocky and you think this will fix things, let it go. I speak from personal experience when I say changing won't do anything but upset you.

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