Would Your Crush 😍 Actually Be a Good Match 💏 for You 🤔?


Sometimes, we fall for men that we'd never actually date for long. Since you don't want to waste your days crushing on a guy that wouldn't be a good match for you, here are a few questions you should ask yourself to figure out if he's meant to be with you or if you should try to move on:

1. Do You Have Anything in Common?

Do You Have Anything in Common?

You don't have to be identical. However, if you don't have anything in common at all, it'll be hard for you two to agree on dates and to keep conversations going.

Do You Have Chemistry?


kitty kat
These are all really helpfull things but what if your older than him. Im older than my crush but only by 7 days.
Some people say my crush and I look good together but I don't know if he thinks that 😬😬
There's this guy at my college who I met last year & we've been communicating on & off & he's always said we should do something together sometime but things have always come up and we've had to cancel our plans. I'm wondering if it will go anywhere anytime soon.
This helped a lot!
Ask Alannah
I have history with a boy but I'm not sure about him we talk naturally with kisses and I do miss him and his hugs we did not kiss in the past but I think we both wanted to he asked me out for lunch ag...
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