You Don't ❌ Belong Together 💕 if You're Forcing 👊🏼 These 7 Things 👎🏼 ...


A lot of relationships get to the point where you both realize that you’re forcing a lot of things.

Whether it’s realizing that you’re forcing time spent together or just forcing your attraction to one another, if you realize that you’re doing any of these things, it may be time to end your relationship.2

1. Spending Time Together

If any time spent together is forced, it’s probably time to end things.

If you’re quickly realizing that hanging out is a chore, that you’re purposely making plans without your significant other, or you even find yourself making excuses, this is not a good relationship.

Time spent apart is great and healthy, but if you’re purposely avoiding spending time together, you need to get out of this relationship.

2. Shared Interests

It’s not necessarily the end of the world if you don’t have the same interests, but if you once did and now suddenly you hate anything that’s even remotely related to your significant other, it’s time to end things.

If you’re forcing your shared interests, it can be really challenging to maintain a healthy relationship.

3. Getting along with Each Other’s Families

I’m not saying that you necessarily need to be best friends with your significant other’s family, but if you really can’t stand their family, what is the point of being in the relationship long-term?

If you see a future with this person, you should also be able to see a future with your significant other’s family.3

4. You’re Forcing PDA

If you’re just a couple that doesn’t like PDA, that’s fine.

However, you would be surprised that there are couples who didn’t mind PDA at the beginning of their relationship, but now they force PDA just to look as though their relationship is on solid ground.2

If you find yourself forcing PDA just to put on a happy face in front of others, your relationship is probably not on solid ground.

Forced Communication
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