17 Cool Girl Traits You Dont Want to Have ...

By Holly

If you've ever read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, you know all about "cool girl." She's the type of woman that alters her personality in order to be liked by a guy. Here are a few "cool girl" traits you don't want to have:

Table of contents:

  1. pretending to like what he likes
  2. always letting him get his way
  3. not forcing him to define the relationship
  4. trying too hard
  5. maintaining a “perfect” look
  6. lying to impress him
  7. letting him orgasm first
  8. pretending you love certain sexual acts
  9. eating food you hate
  10. never yelling at him
  11. acting like you don’t have any emotions
  12. letting him use you for sex
  13. hanging out with his friends, and never yours
  14. refusing to complain
  15. acting laid back
  16. putting up with nasty, sexist comments
  17. letting him be happy while you’re miserable

1 Pretending to like What He Likes

You shouldn't pretend you're a fan of football to impress him. If you don't want to watch the game with him, then don't. He won't fault you for it.

2 Always Letting Him Get His Way

Relationships require compromise. If you always let him get his way, instead of negotiating with him, then you'll never truly be happy.

3 Not Forcing Him to Define the Relationship

You shouldn't let him get away with stringing you along. If he wants to spend time with you, he should be able to tell you if he views you as his girlfriend or his friend with benefits.

4 Trying Too Hard

If you're trying way too hard around a guy, then he isn't the right one for you. The right guy would make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

5 Maintaining a “perfect” Look

You don't have to maintain a size 2 and keep every inch of your skin shaved. It's natural to have a little bit of weight and hair on you.

6 Lying to Impress Him

Don't lie to him in order to get him to call you his girlfriend. Relationships should be built on honesty.

7 Letting Him Orgasm First

You deserve to orgasm as much as he does. He shouldn't be the only one having fun in the bedroom. It's all about equality.

8 Pretending You Love Certain Sexual Acts

Don't pretend that you like certain sexual acts if you actually hate them. Otherwise, you're going to end up getting stuck doing things you can't stand.

9 Eating Food You Hate

Don't agree to eat hamburgers and pizza with him every Friday night if you actually hate the grease. It's okay to ask him to go to a new restaurant.

10 Never Yelling at Him

Every couple will have fights. If you avoid yelling at him, even when you're upset, then all of that anger is eventually going to bottle up and explode.

11 Acting like You Don’t Have Any Emotions

You're not a robot. It's okay for you to cry in front of him or ask him how he's feeling.

12 Letting Him Use You for Sex

If you're not in the mood to have sex, don't let him touch you. You're allowed to turn him down.

13 Hanging out with His Friends, and Never Yours

If you hang out with his friends on weekends, then he should be willing to hang out with your friends. It's only fair.

14 Refusing to Complain

You're allowed to complain, and you're allowed to nag. Don't hold yourself back to keep him happy.

15 Acting Laid Back

Some of us are high maintenance, and there's nothing wrong with that. Don't pretend that you're happy walking around without makeup on when you're dying to do your face.

16 Putting up with Nasty, Sexist Comments

Don't do the dishes and sweep the floors, because he thinks it's your job. It's not.

17 Letting Him Be Happy While You’re Miserable

At the end of the day, both of you should be happy. If only one of you is, then the relationship shouldn't continue.

You should always be yourself, not the girl that you think your man wants you to be. Have you ever done any of these "cool girl" things?

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