7 Questions to Ask Yourself before Your First Time ...


7 Questions to Ask Yourself before Your First Time ...
7 Questions to Ask Yourself before Your First Time ...

I have 7 questions to ask yourself before your first time. If you are a girl (or a boy) and are thinking about having sex for the first time, then you need to read this blog. Mind you, I am not trying to convince you not to have sex, I just want you to think about things.

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“Am I Really Ready?”

Well, do you think you are ready? If somewhere in the back of your head, you feel that you are not ready, then you are probably not ready and should not pressure yourself in doing it.


“do I Really Love This Guy/Girl?”

Love – it is a complicated and fragile thing, yet a very strong bond between two people. Sex should only be done with those you are in love with – okay?


“Am I Just Doing This to Be Cool?”

I don’t know, are you? If you are doing this to be cool, then that is not cool!


“Which Sexual Activities Would I like to Engage in?”

Yes, this is definitely a question to ask – what sexual things would you like to do? It wouldn’t hurt to read up and learn about some moves and positions, if you are actually serious about it – this will give you even more time to see if you are ready or not. If you cringe at the site of positions and doing them with the planned partner, then you may want to rethink things.


”Should I Be on Birth Control?”

Well, do you think you should be on birth control? This is a decision that only you are able to make, because it is your body. If you are not on birth control and you do not want to get pregnant, then you should definitely make sure a condom is used.


”Why Exactly Am I Doing This?”

Seriously, if I were paid a dollar for every friend I had that told me they regretted having sex with the person they lost their virginity to, I would be rich right about now. Many say that they did it just to see how it felt, then others did it just because they were depressed or to fit in with the crowd. Seriously, this is a question that you need to ask yourself. If you are doing it for love, then that’s great.


“do I Trust the Partner?”

If the partner has pressured you in any way, shape or form, then you might want to step back and take a closer look at them.

You may also want to ask yourself if you are wasted before you do it, but I’m no sure if you will be able to do that when you are actually wasted. You should never have sex just for the sole reason to have sex – especially during the first time. Now, sex is a natural thing and it is really good (extremely good when you are with the right person), but it can also get you into plenty of trouble. Do you have some questions to add to this?

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