7 Tips for Making out the First Time ...


7 Tips for Making out the First Time ...
7 Tips for Making out the First Time ...

I would like to start out by saying that I have written this article with the intentions of only those who are already married or about to be married reading it and following these tips for making out the first time. I understand that in today's society, it's understood, allowed and even accepted that adolescent children and young unmarried couples make out, but I don't agree with that. If you are one of those couples, I mean no disrespect or hard feelings toward you in any way. But we are all entitled to our own opinions! Mine is that making out should be reserved for the boundaries of marriage. I realize that there are not many people who save themselves for marriage anymore. But there are a few and so please continue reading if you are about to be happily married and would like to know 7 tips for making out the first time!

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Go Somewhere Private

One of the best things about saving making out for marriage is that you get to fully experience and enjoy it without the fear of being seen or getting caught! It's much easier to relax and be comfortable with each other when you are alone and in private. You don't have to feel tense or embarrassed that you are hiding in a car or a bathroom if you are married and have your own place. If you do share a place with someone because of whatever circumstances, try to get a hotel room so you can be alone the first time you make out.


Get Comfortable

One of the top tips for making out the first time is that you just need to get comfortable. Wear something you feel pretty in and make sure you have good breath. Kiss each other and hold hands or just start out by talking until you both feel ready to go to the next level. You don't have to start out at third base, it can be a more enjoyable experience if you take it slow and really give it some time! Trust me, I speak from experience on this one!


Follow Your Partner's Cues

You should usually be able to tell how your partner feels about what is going on by the way he or she reacts to you. If they seem to be ready to go to the next level, you should feel free to do so! But if he or she seems hesitant, they may need more time. You can help the process by being gentle and loving. This is another reason that I encourage you to wait and share this experience inside of marriage. A committed partner will have the love and patience necessary if you need more time.


Don't Rush It

You only have one first time to make out. After that, it's not your first time anymore! There's no need to rush it. You want to look back on this experience with a smile and not a frown or a disgusted feeling. Take your time and thoroughly enjoy every little aspect of it. This is another reason that I encourage you to save making out for marriage. You will have your whole lifetimes to enjoy each other, so savor each time you are together! It will be so worth it.


Be Considerate

One of my top tips for making out the first time is to be very considerate of your partner. If it's his or her first time as well, she or he may be very nervous and hesitant. Be considerate and give them all the time they need! Ask them what they like or don't like and then do it! Remember to check your breath and make sure you shaved-these things are important to be considerate of as well! Give your partner the respect they deserve-don't ask them to do or say anything that they consider degrading or embarrassing and uncomfortable. These things will take you farther with each other, emotionally as well as intimately.


Talk to Your Partner

You can make much more progress if you talk with each other! You can start out with regular conversation to break the tension, and gradually turn to softer tones and words of affection and love. Gently caress each other's faces or hands and talk about what you like or don't like when making out. Be sure and compliment your partner on their physical attributes or what you especially like about their technique of doing things. Don't say negative things-this won't help you out any!


Be Confident

Even though it's your first time, you can still be confident! There's no need to be cocky because there's always room to learn. But having confidence will help you not to be nervous or tense. Your partner, if they are loving and patient can help you relax and feel good about yourself. Just give it some time and see where it goes. That's my very best tip for making out the first time!

I hope my article on tips for making out the first time was not offensive to anyone. Again, I wrote this with the intention of those who are about to be married or already married reading it. If you don't fall into this category and find yourself reading this article, please be aware that I am not promoting pre-marital relations or adolescent sexual affairs. Feel free to let me know your opinions, though. Also, do you have any other helpful tips? Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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I don't understand this article at all! Like when did "making out" become an innuendo for having sex? I'm not waiting until I'm married to make out with a guy! That's absolutely absurd.

I kind of agree, though I've never heard that take on it before, it makes since. I've been fretting about that and this just sounds more intelligent

lol WAT. like i don't even know...making out is kissing, not having sex.

I'm slightly confused by your use of the term making out, the way you wrote this article it makes it sound as if you are speaking about intercourse, but making out is kissing with passion, not sex so why should people wait until marriage?

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