Sex Tips 8 Indisputable Mood-Killing Moves and How to Dramatically Turn Things ...


Sex Tips 8 Indisputable Mood-Killing Moves and How to Dramatically Turn Things ...
Sex Tips 8 Indisputable Mood-Killing Moves and How to Dramatically Turn Things ...

Sex Tips you’re about to read now are going to help you fix some of the burning issues in your bedroom, turn things around and start enjoying all those passionate moments you could only dream about. Yes, we all need a couple of good sex tips once in a while so don’t be shy- take a peak because I’ve moved heaven and earth today only to bring you the most complete list of everything couples find “disturbing” along with many professional as well as quite interesting sex tips on how to turn the downsides of your sex life into a rollercoaster you’ll both enjoy!

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Foreplay? What is That?

Some couples can spend hours “playing” before getting down to “business” while others prefer a shorter, wilder version in which foreplay lasts… well… a couple of minutes at most! The rule is that there are no rules, which means your new partner might continue to practice love-making techniques he’s used to and, the best of all sex tips I could give you would be to react and let him/her know that’s not how you like it. Be gentle, keep your voice low and seductive, give him/her your sexiest smirk and your loved one will get it.


He’s Being Exhaustingly Frisky

If find yourself dying to ask, “Boy, are we having sex or we’re training for the marathon?” or fighting the urge to explain the wonders of editing and tell him that adult movie actors don’t really change the position every 2 minutes, you can rest assured he’s trying to impress you. Most men tend to demonstrate this type of behavior at some point, younger ones especially but hey, it’s not the end of the world as this is one thing you can easily turn around. Your exhaustingly frisky man is just trying to please you and all you’ll have to do to keep him in one position longer is to show (or say) that you like it.


Same Position over and over Again

If your man or woman could be described as a very inquisitive person but your sex life involves one and one position only, you might want to use your imagination, arm yourself with plenty of compliments and start working on overcoming that shyness. Men are usually reluctant to try other positions thinking they will fail and embarrass themselves while women are mostly worried about how their bodies will look when placed into a position in question. A lot of compliments, ladies and gents, and you’ll be trying out new positions before you know it!


Hung and Careless

LOL, remember that Sex and The City Episode in which Samantha finally manages to find a guy not even she can handle? Well, practicing yoga won’t be one of the sex tips up for discussion today because we’re about to discuss something different – men who like to believe their “extra large” steaks don’t need any of the usual side dishes such as care, skill or, God forbid, emotion! These men can be placed into two subcategories: a) the ones who lack skill because nobody ever bothered to mention it before and b) the ones who lack skill because they believe that with a “package” like that one, demanding skill would be like asking Michelangelo’s David to mow your lawn! The first category is ready to learn, reacts well to compliments and will be rocking your world in no time while this last, a bit unreasonably proud and “touchy” group might prove to be more difficult to work with. If you’re really determined to make it work, try reversed psychology because his over inflated ego won’t be able to live with the fact that you’re not satisfied, if not… let him be, there are plenty of men with enough skill to last you a lifetime!


Honey? Are You Awake?

Let’s be honest ladies, guys are not the only ones prone to falling asleep immediately after sex! In fact, there are plenty of girls who do that too and I should know that as I’m one of them! LOL! So, if your man or your woman falls under this category of people as well, you can rest assured it has nothing to do with the lack of emotions. Not a lot of sex tips could be applied in this case but I’d suggest trying to end your lovemaking experience with a missionary position which will allow you to hug each other, gaze into each other’s eyes and share romantically intimate moments before, during and shortly after the “grand finale” and before the draining effect sets in and drags your loved one into the land of dreams.


Dirty Talk

Dirty talk can be a turn on or a complete turn off – depending on the timing and your preferences, of course which means your partner’s desire to spice things up by screaming obscenities might come as a bit of a shock and ruin a perfectly romantic moment. So, unless you want spend your every passionate moment worrying and expecting to hear one of these words, make a drastic move! Buy a sexy costume, play a bad girl/boy and enjoy playing a sexy game in which bad language is allowed but, when you agree not to play any games, let your partner know the whole naughty act needs to go too. Why not? You’ll have the best of both worlds!


Personal Hygiene and Habits

Okay, well, I definitely managed to make it sound gross but, just to make things clear, the next on my list of good to know sex tips won’t be about people with bad habits but people with habits that are different than yours. Some people like to shower both before and after sex, some are a bit more liberal and that clash of habits and feelings between a frequent “showerer” and a recreational “showerer” (I’ve invented this word, by the way, so don’t even bother trying to look it up) can be downright confusing. But, hey, it’s not the end of the world and here’s exactly how to deal with it. So, if you feel that your loved one could spend at least five minutes lying with you before hitting the shower, show him/her that by simply whispering “Don’t go yet, hug me/kiss me more” and if you think your loved one could use a shower before you “get down to business” ask him/her to join you in the shower and turn it into a sexy foreplay.


No round Number Two

The last but not the least of these useful sex tips should help you finally achieve something that has been on your mind for quite some time now – keeping your partner into that sensual mood long enough to start considering round number 2! So, instead of rolling to the side, letting him/her to fall asleep, stand up, take your partner’s hand and lead him/her straight to the shower (wink wink)!

Ah, so many interesting sex tips and so little time! So, what are you waiting for – set the ball in motion tonight! But, before you go - tell me which sex tips did you find the most useful?

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Spot on Jack. After first round is successfully over, the thought of second round comes straight away and my body is on fire even more than during first time

I think women just fall asleep after sex when they dont manage to cum...cuz if they do they are so alive and energytic and wait for the next

Ur right...

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