25 Flirty Text Messages to Send This Valentine's Day ...


25 Flirty Text Messages to Send This Valentine's Day ...
25 Flirty Text Messages to Send This Valentine's Day ...

Flirty Text messages are the perfect way to let your crush know you want them to be your Valentine this Valentine’s Day! The good thing about flirty text messages are the lack of pressure and awkwardness. If things become awkward you text back with an, “Lol JK” and move on to something else. Having trouble coming up with the perfect flirty text message for your Valentine’s crush? I've got the top 19 flirty messages to really let your crush know how you feel!

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U + Me = <3

How cute is this? Let your crush know that you “less than 3 him.” He is bound to respond with a smiley face or his own equally witty and enduring message. It’s cute, simple, and to the point, and that’s why I love it.


The playful arithmetic of love isn't complete without a cheeky sign-off. Imagine the look on his face when he tries to puzzle out the math and realizes it adds up to a heart. This text is a modern hieroglyph that spells out affection in digital shorthand. It's not just about the words you use, but how you use them to create a flutter in someone's heart. Why say a lot when a few characters do the trick? Less is more, and in this case, less is love!


Just Thinking about You This Morning, Happy Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine’s Day flirty text message is a little coy. It could come off as an innocent, “Hello” but if your crush likes you as well he is bound to find the deeper meaning behind it. Guys sometimes miss the subtle hints we give when we like them. This is a great text to test the waters and see where his head is at!


Sending a morning text with a twist of flirtation wakes up the emotions and adds a sparkle to the day ahead. Imagine his surprise when his phone buzzes, and it’s a gentle nudge that you're thinking of him. It's the perfect blend of sweet and mysterious that leaves him curious and possibly eager to reply. If he’s into you, this could prompt a playful conversation and set a romantic tone for Valentine’s Day. It’s a soft approach that speaks volumes without saying too much, and it’s all about opening the door for him to step through.

Frequently asked questions

Oh, it's super easy to keep it cute and not too intense. You can say something like, 'Hey, I might not be Cupid, but I think we'd make a pretty sweet pair on Valentine's Day. Wanna be my Valentine?' It's straightforward and totally adorable!

Absolutely! Flirty texts are like little digital winks. Try something playful like, 'If Valentine's Day says we should be sweethearts, who are we to argue with tradition? 😉'. It's flirty without being too forward, and it opens the door to more if they're interested.

Humor is the way to go! Crack a joke like, 'Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got 'FINE' written all over you, and I wouldn’t mind paying the price to spend Valentine’s Day with you!' It's hilarious and it's sure to get a smile out of them.

Keep it breezy with something like, 'I hope your Valentine's Day is as amazing as your smile. And if it's not, I volunteer to personally make it better.' It's sweet, it's light, and it says 'I'm into you' without coming on too strong.

Play it cool and be bold! Text them, 'Happy Valentine's Day! If you didn’t have any plans today, I was wondering if you’d like make some with me? 😊' It shows confidence and who knows, they could be waiting for you to make the first move!


It’s 2:14 What’s Your Valentine’s Wish? I Know What Mine is…

You know how some people believe in making wishes at 11:11, this is the same idea but uses the date of Valentine’s Day, as the magic wish granting time. The key is to send the text at exactly 2:14. Of course he is going to want to know what your Valentine’s wish is. Now you have to decide what you want to tell him.


Make sure it's a mix of playful and mysterious; this is about teasing him with words, right? So maybe something like "If I told you, it might not come true... but it might have something to do with us and a perfectly unforgettable evening." Throw in a winking emoji to keep things light, and you've just revved up his curiosity. He'll be counting down the minutes until he can find out what's brewing in your mind. Isn't that the kind of suspense that makes Valentine's Day thrilling?


I Think You Stole My Heart…

You can start this flirty text off by asking him if he is a criminal, or telling him you are going to call the cops on him. When he asks why, you can accuse him of stealing your heart. It might be a little cheesy, but may also make for a good laugh.


If he plays along and insists he's innocent, keep the charm going by telling him you have evidence. A snapshot of your smile or the twinkling in your eyes whenever he texts could be your playful proof. Keep the banter light-hearted and fun, making it clear your 'accusations' are all in the spirit of Valentine's Day teasing. This playful exchange could lead to more heartfelt confessions if the chemistry is right!


This Movie Would Be so Much Better if You Were Here

Follow this text up with, “What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?” It let’s your crush know you want to spend time with him and enjoy his company. It also plants the seed that a Valentine’s date would be the perfect opportunity to make plans.


Imagine watching that romantic comedy that just came out, laughter and popcorn flying, with you by my side. "What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?" Stirring a bit of curiosity might just make him think that an invite is pending. It's playful, it's cheeky, and it suggests that whatever his plans are, they could be vastly improved with your presence. Plus, everyone knows that a movie date can be the perfect mix of casual and intimate – just what Valentine's Day is all about!


Blank Text

Send a mysterious text with no message at all. He will probably text something back asking why there isn’t a message. If it were me, I would pretend to not know what he was talking about and tell him he doesn’t need to make excuses to text me; he can send me a message anytime. Or you could always send back a flirty text to let him know that you're interested and maybe want to find out about his V-Day plans! Of course, you can play it off however you want.


Sending a blank text is akin to tossing a playful digital paper airplane that sails silently into his inbox. It's a whimsical nudge, an invisible wink beckoning his curiosity. When he inevitably inquires about the phantom message, you've got the perfect segue into a playful banter. Keep him guessing with a cheeky reply like, "Oh, didn’t you get the message? It was full of invisible ink! 😉" This tease is sure to tickle his fancy and could lead to a more engaging conversation about plans you both could 'magically' make appear for Valentine's Day.


I Lost My Teddy Bear, Can I Cuddle with You?

Oh, I love this. I love cuddles. Why wouldn’t he want to be your teddy bear? I think this text is too awesome for any guy to resist. If he is a super thoughtful, he may just buy you a new teddy bear to cuddle with when he’s not around.


I Had the Most Incredible Dream about You Last Night…

Here is a flirty text good for any time, not just Valentine’s Day. Be ready to share the details of your dream. If you didn’t have a dream, make one up. Don’t make the mistake of coming on too strong. A dream where he gets to be the hero saving your from great danger maybe better than the details of something hot and steamy.


Play your cards right and build anticipation. Hint at a whimsical adventure or a romantic scenario where your connection blossomed in unpredictable ways. Maybe you both ended up on a balloon ride over Paris or shared a secret dance under the stars. Keep it light and whimsical, allowing curiosity to tickle his imagination. "And guess what we were doing? You'll never believe it…" This approach draws him into a playful exchange, eager to uncover the mystery behind your smile. Remember, it's all about flirting through fantasy—a fun escape from the everyday.


Hey Valentines, How’s Your Day Going?

Here is another simple, no pressure text. You let him know he’s your special Valentine’s this year, but your real question is about his day. Give him a chance to take the lead from there and see where it goes.


Sending a casual check-in can be just the right amount of flirty and caring. It suggests that you're interested in his day-to-day life, not just the romance of the holiday. If he's having a good day, that opens up the door for more positive vibes and flirty exchanges. If he's having a tough one, you're right there, offering a sympathetic ear and maybe a promise for a better evening. It's a win-win that gently nudges the conversation into more personal territory without seeming overbearing.


Will You Be My Valentine?

Be direct. Send a flirty text telling your crush you want him to be yours. Chance are you have a pretty good idea how he feels about you, so what do you have to lose?


Photo Text

I'm not suggesting you send anything risque, but a photo of yourself smiling, or being silly, will brighten his day!


Images often speak louder than words, allowing you to convey emotions and moments that text alone can't capture. By sharing a spontaneous snapshot of your daily life, or a cute selfie with a heartwarming filter, you radiate warmth and personal connection. It’s almost as if you’re right there with him, sharing a private joke or a tender moment. Remember to keep it lighthearted and personal; something that invites a smile or a laugh, fortifying that special bond even when you’re apart. A picture is worth a thousand words, and, on Valentine’s Day, it might just be worth a thousand heart emojis too.



Back in the 90s, before everyone had cell phones, they had pagers. 143 was beeper code for "I love you" ... test your sweetheart's pager-code knowledge by sending this sweet old-school text.


Remember, every number could represent a letter based on the count of its alphabetical position. 143 was the discreet, yet romantic way to say those three little words when a call might disrupt a meeting or dinner date. Keep the nostalgia alive by hitting send on this classic phrase. Who knows – it might just be the secret code that reignites that old flame or adds a spark to a new romance. After all, old school can be incredibly new cool when it comes to love.


A Movie Quote

If you and your crush/sweetheart have a favorite movie, send him a text with one of the lines from the movie, and see if he gets it. Just about anything from The Princess Bride would be good, really.


Inconceivable, you say? Well, not when it comes to romance! Flirting with quotes can be incredibly fun and personal. For example, text "You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how" if Gone With The Wind sweeps you both away. Or perhaps if humor is your love language, a line like "I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her" from Notting Hill could be your ticket to a laugh and perhaps a romantic moment. Let cinema speak the language of love for you.


Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, We Should Kiss, Let Me Know if You Think so Too...*wink Wink*

This is a super flirty text to send not only to your boyfriend but also to the guy you've been totally crushing on for months now!


Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, and a Night out with My Guy is Long Overdue ;)

Perfect for sending your boyfriend this Valentine's Day! Let him know that you're up for spending the day and/or night with him through this flirty text.


As Your Valentine, I Wanted You to Know That You Don't Have to Get Me Anything. However, if You Insist, Please Send All Candy Hearts, Chocolate, Roses and Presents to (enter Address Here)

This is a super funny and cute text to send and bound to make him smile when he reads it! If you're doing it for a laugh and just to be cute, you might wanna let him know afterwards that you don't really expect all those things...or do you?!


V-Day? Try U+Me Day!

If you want to send a text that's short, sweet and gets to the point, this is the way to go! This is a super sweet Valentine's Day text that lets them know you're thinking about them!


Just drop a simple "U+Me=💖?" to your special someone. It's playful, it's direct, and it packs a whole lot of meaning into one little equation. By proposing an equation that adds you and them together resulting in a love symbol, you're not just making a statement – you're starting a conversation. It's the kind of text that prompts a smile and a quick, eager reply. Perfect for keeping things light-hearted yet undeniably romantic. Plus, it has the added benefit of being super easy to type out if you're on the go!


I Was Too Scared to Ask You before, but on Valentine’s Day, You Can’t Say No! Will You Be Mine, Forever?

This is a super cute way of expressing your love for your boyfriend on Valentine's Day! How can he say no to that?!


If I Could Open My Heart for You, You’d See How Much I Love You!

This text is perfect for those who are so madly in love with their partner and who find it super hard to put it into words!


If I Could Measure My Love for You, the Oceans of the World Wouldn’t Suffice!

This text is adorable! It shows not only how much you love them, but also how much they mean to you.


Valentine’s Day is Here and All I Want to Say is That I Love You

Keep it super simple with this text on Valentine's Day! Opt for this one if you like getting to the point and don't want to get into all the sappy love quotes out there!


To the World You May Be One Person, but to Me You Are the World

Tell them just how much they mean to you with this super romantic text on Valentine's Day!


This Day May Come Once in a Year, but My Feelings Will Become Stronger than Ever

This one tells your love that your feelings for them are the same, no matter what day of the year it is. In other words, you're not just saying it because it happens to be V-Day!


My World is a Brighter Place Because of You. Happy Valentine’s Day

If they contribute to your life in a way that makes it seem so much brighter and happier than ever before, let them know with this text!


Every moment feels like a dance under a cascade of sunlight with you in my world. Your laughter is the symphony that brightens up my darkest days, and your smile is the dawn that dispels all my shadows. Sending you a world of love on this day dedicated to all things heart-shaped and amorous. Let's make this Valentine’s Day a reflection of the joy and color you bring into my life every single day. You're more than my love; you're my personal sunshine.


Distances May Separate Us, but Our Hearts Beat as One!

If you're thinking about a special someone who's not physically with you, let them know you're thinking of them despite the distance between you!

Flirty text are fun and innocent and a great way to let your crush know you are interested in him on Valentine’s Day. It's easy to send a flirty text, and you can keep things cute and casual while still letting someone know you like them. Do you have some other good ideas for flirty text to send on Valentine’s Day? Please share your ideas!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Jennifer Knightstep and updated by Lucy Rebecca.

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on #3 what should you say your wish is? like how would you word it?


What does no.1 mean? I'm lost on that one....

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@Jade I agree

#8 the dream one actually works! i told my crush i had a dream about him and he started asking if i dream about him a lot and he says my dreams are vert interesting. i dont always do my actual dreams though-if i just want to talk to him i do a daydream-or to see what ge says;)

Loving these ideas! I think I will combine 3

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