8 Ways to Give Each Other Space ...


Face it - you can love someone to death, and still need a break from them every now and then. Too much time together can created friction, and that's never a good thing in a relationship. You need a good balance of time together and time apart. I find it interesting and (sometimes) rather irritating to see those couples that can't be apart even long enough to go to the bathroom! It's absurd! Love each other, sure, but seriously, get a life! Therefore, I've listed 8 ways that you can give a little space to your sweetheart and create a balanced relationship. (There are some ideas for both men and women in this article...)

1. Go out with the Girls (or Guys)

Just because you're a couple does not mean that every free night must be spent on a date together. Once in a while, plan a night where the girls go out and the guys go out and do separate things. Another way to do this would be to have a girls night in and invite all your girlfriends over for a movie and girl talk, and make hubby go out with the guys for a while. Or maybe hubby wants a night to have the fellows over for football or poker, and the girls can go out for the night. Just be sure to try one of these!

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