A Story 📖 about Meeting His New Girlfriend 💑 ...

Ok ladies! How many times have you broken up with some guy and you thought you were over him and then bam! You find out that jerk took his new lady to “that was our” restaurant. How could he?! What’s worse, he pulled out the chair for her, according to one of your girlfriends. She caught it all on her smartphone. And oops, why is he getting on one knee? “He gave her a ring?! He said he wasn’t ready for marriage! Hey! That was our favorite song!”

If you have ever been in love, you know there are certain things you do together that are special between the two of you. It could be holding hands in a particular park, wasting the day at a favorite ice cream shop, or even how you watched the same movie over and over again on an old-school DVD. You might even have developed a special relationship with his dog, or kid if he has one.

“I can’t believe he took her there! He used to look at me like that in the rain! That’s my man!” you shout, even if it’s in front of your new man. You may even find yourself stalking him. That is until, he spots you, rushes over and then introduces you to his new woman. And, @!!&, she’s cute.

Everyone wants to feel special. There is a beautiful history created when sharing time with one another. But, when violated, this type of thing can get rough. It’s like winning a championship together and then finding out your teammate left for more money. Except this time, it could be for “less arguing,” the “she understands me” reasoning or a bigger butt. You notice I said, “less arguing.” You start pleading for your life like “I thought that’s what you loved about me!” Arguing? Really? Yeah, it can be cute sometimes when two are in love. He probably did and still does love that about you. It’s just that times change.

You scream, “I hate you!” What you are really saying is not necessarily that you still love him, but that the time you all had together was special, and you thought it meant something. Ok yeah, you might be a little jealous too, and yeah couldn’t quite let him go. You love him, let’s just get it out there LOL.

So, what’s the solution? Do you show up at his job crying, drunk and screaming? Do you crash his holiday dinner? Do you call and complain to his mother? Who knows?

A former “us against the world” relationship can really mess with your head. The ups, the downs and ups once again. The walks, the 3-hour phone conversations and the 2 a.m. booty calls. The emoji with no other words attached. You all’s favorite Netflix show, that pair of jeans that you know turns him on. The “towel on the floor” cause neither one of you could say no to a rug-burn quickie. The boring social events you both just wanted to leave… covering each other’s back when you couldn’t remember the other couple’s names. That was that “our little us” type thing.

Relationships are very strange. They bring out the best and worse in us. Memories can hold onto you for years, but are you holding onto them? Oh, what could have been. It was so beautiful. I don’t know if it could ever be the same again.

Too bad your hair wasn’t done when he introduced you to “her.” Who knows, maybe just for a moment, he remembered that’s what’s so cute about you.