How to Be a Successful Matchmaker for Your Friends ...


How to Be a Successful Matchmaker for Your Friends ...
How to Be a Successful Matchmaker for Your Friends ...

Are you the kind of girl who loves nothing better than to try and find hookups and significant others for your single pals? In itself, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if you aren’t exactly blessed with the skills required, then no amount of trying is going to bring positive results! To be a good messenger for Cupid, you need to know what it takes to see the compatibility between two people. Luckily for you, I have some information that could definitely come in handy! Here is how to be a successful matchmaker for your friends!

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Have a Reason

You can’t just force two friends together just for the sake of it. Any successful matchmaking venture needs to start with a specific reason, a connecting factor that you have noticed that makes you think these two people will be good for each other. When setting about your romantic mission, you need to have more reasons and arguments than just “because I think you look good together!”.


Don’t Overcomplicate It

The beauty of early dating stages is that they are supposed to be nice and simple, a clean slate. To help this process along, any dates or occasions that you orchestrate for your two matchmaking prospects should be as simple and uncomplicated as possible. This isn’t a crazy rom-com; you don’t need to manufacture a situation where they get locked in an elevator together! Keep it nice and relaxed ... house parties, BBQs, game nights!


Be Aware of History

You need to have an extensive knowledge of the breakup history of your subjects before you do anything drastic, because sometimes our romantic histories make us off limits to certain people, or certain types of people. Don’t try to put together two people who have recently come out of super long relationships, because they won’t be in good places and they might make hasty rebound decisions that they regret!


Low Key

Don’t be dramatic, keep things as low key as possible. You aren’t the host of some TV dating show, you don’t have to put people through various challenges. Just facilitate an occasion where the two people can meet in an organic way, introduce them to one another, and then step back and let nature take its course!


Be Realistic

You need to be realistic when thinking of matches for different people. There is a dream scenario, and then there is a scenario that you can actually see working. Always go for the scenario that might work, because it does no good for anyone’s confidence if you try to set them up with someone who either way out of their league, or way below their league!

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