6 Ways Your Behavior 😠 Makes Your Relationship 👫 Toxic ☢️ ...


All relationships have to go through a little bit of struggle and strife every now and then, that’s just human nature, but you need to be careful about making sure that these average obstacles don’t start to turn in to something more serious, something that could be described as toxic. TV and movie dramas are filled with all different kinds of toxic relationships, so much so that you compare them to your own and think “well, we haven’t tried to frame each other for murder, so everything must be fine!”. However, the signs don’t always have to be so cinematic. Here are six ways your behaviour makes your relationship toxic.

1. You Never Accept Blame

You let your stubborn side come out too often by never accepting the blame for any part of the problems that you might be having with your partner. When it’s not your fault, then obviously this is the right path to take, but when you know that you have contributed to the negative situation and you still can’t own up to it, then you are never going to be able to move on healthily as a couple.

Saying Things You Don’t Mean