Have You Been R-Bombed? 😱Another Horrible Dating Trend You Need to🙌 Know 💯about 💭 ...

Here we go again - another dating term! R-bombing!

From ghosting to gas lighting and everything in between, it would be fair to say that the world of modern dating is filled with more terms and definitions than every before! The way that we predominantly make romantic connections via apps and online chat these days has lead to the inception of lots of different tactics and courses of actions, the only thing being that the overwhelming majority of them are negative! Have you heard about the latest term? I can guarantee you that it will be something you have experienced before. Here is what you need to know about R-bombing!

• R-bombing is basically the new modern term for what some of us might recognise as being ‘left on read’.

• It relates to when you have messaged someone on a platform like WhatsApp or Instagram or Tinder, and can see that the person has read all of the messages, but is deliberately not responding.

• There are plenty of reasons for this, and they are all pretty douche.

• He could be trying to play hard to get in the classic cat and mouse way, forgetting that online and app dating is so temporary and fast moving that if he ignores you for too long, then you will simply move on to someone else!

• It is a step up in psychological warfare compared to ghosting, because whilst ghosting means that you simply never hear from that person again, R-bombing is a way for them to show you that they have seen everything you are saying, but are withholding their attention and trying to exercise all the power in the dynamic between the two of you.

The best advice I can give to someone who is being R-bombed is to now rise to the bait, and simply move on with your life if you send five or six messages that never get a reply after they have been read!