8 Activities to do with Your Long Distance Boyfriend after Time Apart ...


8 Activities to do with Your Long Distance Boyfriend after Time Apart ...
8 Activities to do with Your Long Distance Boyfriend after Time Apart ...

If you are like me then you definitely need some activities to do with your long distance boyfriend. You only see them every so often. The time that the two of you spend together is very special. No feeling can compare to being in his arms. I hope this list of activities to do with your long distance boyfriend will help the two of you form an amazing bond.

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Dinner (the Romantic Kind)

Dinner should definitely be number one on your list of activities to do with your long distance boyfriend. Think about it: you have been away from each other for weeks, maybe months. He probably has a slight memory of what your best look is, but baby, it’s time to let him know exactly what a glammed up you looks like. Ok, that sounds like you’re doing the most for him, but why not? He is your sweet, honey sugar iced tea. Take some time to really look your best for this dinner date. Who knows what sparks could fly?


Have an Open Talk

I don’t know about you, but I’m a talker. However, sometimes it is crucial to a relationship for both partners to listen to each other openly and honestly. He could have some bottled up emotion that is hard for him to express. It is very important to have a relaxed discussion about you all’s future, partnership and anything that is affecting you.


Love on Each Other

When I say love on each other, I do not mean sex. What I mean is that this is a time for kisses and hugs. This is definitely cuddle time! Just being near each other’s warmth is refreshing. Take time to just be alone with your guy and soak up the radiant energy.


A Movie Night

This one can actually be done with number three. Who does not like to cuddle up while watching a good movie? Thanks to Netflix and Red Box, it is now easier than ever to make a movie night at home happen. Go ahead and pick up a few movies on your way home, invite your man, and enjoy your night.


Play Video Games

This one is definitely dedicated to your guy. We all know that most guys are really still kids at heart. Play to that side of him by helping him slay those dragons and battle it out in his favorite video game. I am pretty sure he’ll think that he’s the luckiest guy. And you.. You will just be happy to see that gorgeous smile of his.


Something You Haven’t Done before

I think that it is really important to make new and meaningful memories with your loved ones. Do activities with him that you may not have done before. Why not take one of those interesting drink as you paint classes? Or perhaps you two should go rock climbing to get your adventurous side out!


Spend an Entire Day Together

Any time spent together is special, but having a whole day to yourselves could be spectacular. Start out with an unconventional breakfast. Maybe catch a matinee show. Go to a new lunch spot. Cook dinner together. Whatever you do, make it unique. Make it special.


Whatever You Both like to do

If he likes sports, go see his favorite team play. If you love to dance like me, go watch a dance company production. Share what you love to do with the one you love. Even if you literally hate watching sports or what he is into, do it and be there for him. The whole point of dating is to embrace another as they are.

I hope these different suggestions have helped you out. What other things can you think of?

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Hi, so i have just started seeing this guy. But its really complicated... he is from England and i live in Australia, he is only here for 3 more months but i can feel myself really falling for him. I know it probably won't work out, but i want to make it special for the time we have left... but i can't tell if he likes me or we are just a fling... any advice? xx.

Love this article! I'm definitely gonna steal some tips off this list

Exactly wat happen when I'm with my boo aww so cute

Love this article .. I've been in a LDR for 4 years.. But we still manage to stay strong, love is a powerful thing ❤️

#5 what happens if ur playing video games with him and he wants to invite his friends

I love how this article is so much like me! My guy loves basketball, I love dance, and we're in an LDR. Great ideas!

Best think ever

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