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7 Ways to Make Peace with Your Ex ...

By Alicia

Are you looking for ways to make peace with your ex? That is a sometimes difficult thing to do but it can be done. Let me help you out here. Let me offer you some suggestions of ways to make peace with your ex in hopes you finally accomplish this.

1 Make the Break

Have you clearly made the break with your ex? If not, it is a good possibility that is what you need to do. One of the ways to make peace with your ex is to make the break and part ways. There cannot be any conflict if you have nothing to do with one another. There are some cases this will not work in, but in those that it will, make the final break and get some space.

2 Be Cordial

Notice that I didn’t say polite or friendly. If you are the ex of someone you have no need to be friendly, and polite is even a bit too friendly a term. Strive for cordial. You are not rude but you certainly keep a bit of distance between the two of you. Things are less likely to get heated if you don’t get as chummy.


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3 Be Business-like

This is a tip you should especially follow if the ex in question is one that you were married to or have children with. There is just too much history there. Things can go in the wrong direction way too quickly if you are not careful. Talk to them the way you would any other person you are doing business with. This will help you to keep conflict down.

4 Talk through Lawyers

You know, sometimes this is really the best solution. It is an expensive solution and I know that well from personal experience. But lawyers really can be of help. They can take on the task of sorting out issues so you don’t have to do that. Let them handle your nasty ex.

5 Meet at a Public Location

If you have things that you have to exchange or children that go back and forth between the two of you, it is best to meet at a public location. There are several reasons for this. One, it is safer if danger is an issue. Secondly, there are a lot of people around in public places, which can discourage a difficult confrontation. Third, you have witnesses. Another reason is that neither of you have any emotional feelings attached to a public place like you do a home that you once shared.

6 Keep It Simple

If you have to deal with your ex, keep it simple. Only talk about what you have to talk about with them. There is no need for idle conversation. Don’t allow conversation to venture off. Stick to what you need to discuss and get it taken care of.

7 Walk Away

Sometimes, you just have to walk away. There are some occasions when the only way to make peace with your ex is to turn your back and exit the situation. Refuse to fight with them. In time, they will learn that fighting with you doesn’t work any longer. Hopefully they will then change their tactics.

I hope that there was a bit of wisdom in here to help you achieve peace with your ex. I do know how difficult that can be to do. How have some of you found a way to make peace with your ex?

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