13 Awesome 👏 anti 🚫Valentine's Day 💘 Activities 🎟 to Try This Year 🗓 ...

I've noticed that there aren't a lot of articles about anti-Valentine's Day activities out there. After all, there's definitely a demand for them. For instance, perhaps you've just had a bad breakup. Maybe you're in the “friend zone” with your crush and want to take your mind off it. Perhaps you're the single girl who gets sick of people trying to set her up on dates. Whatever the reason, some of us don't want to be reminded of all the people in love around us. If this is the boat you're in or you just don't like “Hallmark holidays”, here are a few anti-Valentine's Day activities you can do with your friends.

1. Pin the Tail on the Donkey: the Jilted-lover Version

This is one of my favorite Anti-Valentine's Day activities. It's basically the same as the game we played as kids, only with your ex's picture over the donkey's face. If you're really angry, you can put the picture on the other end. Your mom was right-he really *is* a horse's butt [BA-dum-bum ching].