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Ask Your BF These Questions to Feel Closer ...

By Holly

You think you know everything about the person you're dating, but the truth is there's always something new to learn. That's why you should make a point to talk to your man about as many different subjects as you can. Here are a few questions that you should ask your boyfriend the next time you see him in order to feel closer to him:

1 His Version of How You Met

His Version of How You MetEveryone experiences the world in a different way. Even though you were in the room the first time your boyfriend saw you and spoke to you, your story about how you met is bound to be different. Ask your boyfriend to explain the first time you met from his point of view. He's bound to point something out that you don't remember, or that you never even knew happened.

2 His Perfect Day

His Perfect DayAsk your boyfriend what his perfect day would consist of. You might find out that he would love to live oceanside or that he would love to spend the whole day in front of the television. Even though you think you know everything about him already, a simple question like this could help you learn something new.


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3 What He's Most Proud of

What He's Most Proud ofThis sounds like an interview question, but you should ask him what he's the most proud of accomplishing in life. He might tell you about a race he won as a child or the time he helped a little old lady cross the street. Most people don't like to brag, so he might not have mentioned the thing that he's the most proud of about himself.

4 What Would He Want to Know about the Future

What Would He Want to Know about the FutureIf a psychic could tell him the truth about his future, would he want to know what was in store for him, or would he rather be left in the dark? If he says that he'd like to know, then ask him what he's most interested in. Does he want to know who he's going to marry, how many kids he's going to have, or what his job will be? It'll help you see where his priorities lay.

5 What He Values the Most about You

What He Values the Most about YouHe compliments you all the time, but do you actually know all the reasons why he loves you? Ask him what he values the most about you. Make sure you answer the question for him too, so it doesn't seem like you're just fishing for compliments.

6 What He's Most Guilty about

What He's Most Guilty aboutPeople don't like to talk about their bad traits. That's why you probably don't know what he's most guilty about doing in life. Maybe he pushed a kid on the playground in elementary school. Maybe he broke his ex's heart. It's time to find out what keeps him up at night.

7 What He Worries about the Most

What He Worries about the MostAsk him what he worries about the most. Is it his career? Is it his mother's health? Is it his relationship with you? If you just ask him, you'll be surprised what deep secrets he'll open up to you about.

You never know what you'll learn about a person by asking them a few simple questions. What other topics do you think couples should ask each other about to feel closer?

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