Get More Guys with These Tricks to Appear More Approachable ...

Whether you want to urge your crush to start a conversation with you, or you want to make more female friends, it helps to appear more approachable. That way, you'll be able to engage in more conversations and feel like you have a thriving social life. It might even help you land a date with the cutie you've been interested in for years. Here are a few tricks that'll make you appear more approachable:

1. Watch Your Posture

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Don't cross your arms, even if you're freezing. It's a gesture that will make you look closed off. Don't face the wall or the window, either. As awkward as it may feel, you can't be afraid to make eye contact with others. When you do, it'll urge them to walk up to you and start a conversation, which is exactly what you want to happen.

2. Hang out with a Small Group

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If you're always with a super large group, you might appear too intimidating for a stranger to approach. However, if you always hang out with a friend one-on-one, then a stranger might be worried of interrupting your conversation. It's best for you to hang out with a small group of three to four people, all of which look as approachable as you do.

3. Wear Brighter Colors

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We all love wearing black, but that doesn't mean it should be the only color in our closets. Try investing in some brighter shades, because it will draw attention to you. If you want someone to approach you, then they need to notice you first, and the best way to do that is by wearing bright colors.

4. Watch Your Location

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When you go to a party, don't stand in the corner of room. Position yourself in a place that will open you up to conversation. Try standing by a table of food, because a lot of people will be passing by the location. Besides, if you start feeling awkward, then you can munch on some snacks while you wait for someone to approach you.

5. Leave Your Headphones at Home

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As much as you love listening to music, you should keep your headphones at home if you want other people to approach you. When you have your head down in a book or earbuds occupying your attention, you'll look like you don't want to be bothered. That's why you should wait until you're home to finish reading John Green or listening to Taylor Swift.

6. Smile More Often

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Everyone looks sweeter when they smile, which means you'll seem more friendly and approachable. Besides, when you walk around smiling, then you'll trick yourself into feeling happier. If that's not good enough incentive to smile at everyone you see, then what is?

7. Walk up to Them

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If you see someone that you want to be friends with, there's nothing stopping you from being the one to walk up to them. They might be too shy to approach you, or they might just be clueless when it comes to picking up on all of the signs you're giving them. So take a deep breath, walk right up to them, and start making friends.

If you're open to meeting new people, you need to look the part! What other tips do you have for appearing more approachable?

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