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The Trick to Getting Your Crush's Phone Number ...

By Alison

So you're keen on someone, but you don't have their number. How do you get it if you're too shy to ask? Or should you bite the bullet and ask them for their number? Here are some sneaky ways to get your crush's phone number …

1 Ask a Mutual Friend

If you've got a mutual friend, try to get your crush's number from them. Have a convenient excuse ready for why you need it! You could say you need to drop something round their house or message them about an important issue. Your friend might offer to pass on a message; if they do, say it would be easier to message your crush directly.

2 Need His Help with Something

Guys love to feel useful. So think of something that you could use his help with. It could be showing you how to fix your car or helping you choose a new computer. He'll be flattered that you want his help - and of course you'll need his number in case you need to contact him!

3 Get His Attention with Humor

Humor can also grab a guy's attention. What guy wouldn't want to date a woman who can make him laugh? Write your number on his arm with your eyebrow pencil. Or if his car needs cleaning, write your number in the dirt! If he's got a good sense of humor he'll laugh and give you his number.

4 Call Yourself from His Phone

If you're feeling bolder, and you can get hold of his phone, call your own number from his phone so that it's logged on his phone. If he doesn't realise what you're doing, he may find your number later and call to see who it belongs to. If he sees you using his phone, laugh and say it's there if he wants to call you!

5 There's a Video You'd Really Love …

The casual approach can also work well. Wait until an appropriate moment in the conversation and mention that there's a video you'd love to send him. If he gives you his number, you'll send him the clip … Even if you don't have a particular video in mind, you can always choose one later!

6 Ask Him to Call Your Phone

We've all mislaid our phone at some point and had to call it from another phone to find it. Conveniently lose your phone when your crush is about, and ask him to help you out by calling your number. Of course, you know exactly where your phone is, but he doesn't know that you know that!

7 Ask Them Straight out!

Sometimes a direct approach can be the best one. If you really like this guy, then ask him for his number. What's the worst that can happen? If he says no, you've lost nothing. He may well be flattered that you're asking - men can get tired of always being expected to make the first move.

There are all kinds of ingenious ways of getting a guy's number, so if you spot an opportunity don't waste it! And once you've got it, call or message him before long, or he'll think you aren't really interested. Be proactive and don't expect him to do all the running. Have you ever missed an opportunity and regretted it?

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