11 Awesome Ideas to Add to Your Couple's Bucket List ...

If you don't already have a couple's bucket list, there are so many awesome ideas that you can start off with. It's all about spending quality time together and challenging each other to step out of his/her comfort zone! If you have any other ideas to add to the list, share them in the comments!

1. Go Tech-free for 24 Hrs

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Forget about everything technological for the next 24 hours and make it all about yourselves. No cell phones, no laptops, no TV... just the two of you. You can spend the day indoors or take a walk outside with no destination. It won't matter what you're doing - the quality time will already make it a day to remember.

2. Take a Tour of Your City's Best Foods

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If the two of you are foodies, what better way to spend the day than taking a tour of your city's best foods?! Start at your local coffee shop and work your way down to the pizza place. You'll have full bellies and lots of conversation!

3. Play a Game of Paint Twister

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You're lying if you say you've never wanted to play a game of paint Twister! It's the classic game but with a modern, messy twist. The two of you will be falling all over the place and having the best time ever!

4. Play Hide & Seek in Ikea

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The next time the two of you go to Ikea, turn it into a fun game of Hide & Seek! I mean, doesn't everyone pretend that Ikea is actually their home? LOL! Pick out a section of the store and start counting to ten!

5. Build a Fort and Have a Movie Night

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Let's be real, hasn't this been on everyone's bucket list? Turn a boring evening into a romantic one by building the ultimate fort out of pillows and blankets. Burry yourselves in there and binge-watch your favorite Netflix series, your favorite childhood movies, etc. It'd be a lovely experience!

6. Take a Road Trip Together

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Road tripping together is definitely one of the best ways to get to know your s/o better. Think about it... all those hours crammed in one car?! You're bound to figure out some things you didn't already know.

7. Read the Same Book

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Books are known for providing an escape. I love getting lost in a good book and falling in love with the characters/connecting to them on a personal level. Make this an experience that the two of you can do together! You can both agree on reading a certain amount of chapter each day and then talk about it at night.

8. Make a Time Capsule

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This is something fun that you'll be thankful you did in a few years. Save your pictures, concert tickets, movie stubs, letters to each other, any any other momentos you think are worth saving. Then, store the box away until an agreed upon open date and you'll be able to reminisce!

9. Carve Your Initials in a Tree

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This might seem a little outdated but how romantic is it?! I've seen couples do this all time in movies (The Last Song, anyone?!) and it's been on my bucket list ever since. I just think there's something so romantic about it being so permanent. It's something that others might stumble upon and you never know if they might be inspired by your love!

10. Find "your Song"

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If you don't already have a song, it's time to find one! It has to be something that the two of you connect to. The task of finding a song might seem a little difficult but don't over-think it! It should be one that reminds you of the love you have for each other (pretty much any Ed Sheeran song) or a song that you two always jam out to in the car! Do you and your s/o have a song already?

11. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride Together

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Nothing's more romantic than the view from a hot air balloon. Seriously, it looks magical! Of course, this isn't for the ones who have a fear of heights. If that's the case, you might have to find something else. LOL!

These are just a few ideas to get your couple's bucket list started! Which of these are you putting at the top of your list? Can you think of any other awesome ideas? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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