7 Awesome Snapchats to Get Your Boyfriend Excited ...


7 Awesome Snapchats to Get Your Boyfriend Excited ...
7 Awesome Snapchats to Get Your Boyfriend Excited ...

If you're unable to spend the day with your boyfriend, and want to make him miss you, there are some awesome snapchats you can send him. You don't have to do anything complicated, because there are plenty of simple pictures that will get the job done. Here are some awesome snapchats you should think about sending your boyfriend today:

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Cute Clothes

If you're wearing a cute outfit, find a full length mirror so you can snap a picture of it. If you're too lazy to change out of your pajamas, you can simply take a picture of a bathing suit or something sexy, and tell him that you're about to put it on. It'll force him to use his imagination, and he'll love what he sees. It's one of the awesome snapchats that'll have him thinking about you all day long.


Fabulous Food

You can either bake some treats for him or pick up some candy from the store. Either way, snap a photo of his favorite snack and tell him that you're saving it for him. Men love food, so you might as well take advantage of his stomach. He surely won't mind.


Theater Tickets

This one requires a bit of cash, so it'll only work on special occasions. If you're heading to the movies, a baseball game, or a Broadway show, you should snap a photo of the tickets to get him excited about the event.


Where You Are

If you're at Victoria's Secret, snap a picture of the store sign. You can do the same if you're at Game Stop buying him a gift for his birthday. If you know you're somewhere he'd appreciate, tell him through photographs. It only takes a few presses on your phone to do so.


What You're Doing

If you're about to hop into a hot tub, send him a picture of it. If you're tanning on the beach, send him a shot of the scenery. You don't have to actually be in the snapshot, because he'll be able to picture exactly what you're doing.


Amazing Memories

Think about the greatest time you've ever had with your mate. Do you have any sort of keepsake that will remind him of that day? Maybe you kept a movie stub or a necklace he gave you. If so, snap a picture of it, and tell him that you're going to try to top that day. He'll be excited over all of the potential ways that you could do so.


Great Gifts

If you're going to buy him a gift, and don't care about spoiling the surprise, then take a picture of it. If you're more secretive, then wrap it up before you start your photoshoot. It'll make him even more excited to see you, because he'll know just how awesome his girlfriend is. If you're lucky, maybe he'll buy you a gift in return to say thank you.

Some people think that Snapchat is a silly app, but it can bring you and your boyfriend closer together. When you're not able to see each other, you can at least send some photos to share information about your day, and make him feel like he was right there with you. What's the best snapchat that you've ever received?

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Is that theo james in the pic?

I agree with sending pics of what you're doing. What me and my potential are going atm and it's filling the void til I get back from holiday

Lol of course most of them are making sexual suggestions. Good ideas nonetheless!

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