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All the Best Ways to Be Carried by Your Boyfriend ...

By Holly

When you’re feeling lazy, or just want to feel close to your partner, there are different ways your boyfriend can carry you in his arms. As long as he’s strong enough to keep you from tumbling to the ground, you might as well try each and every way, to see which one is the most comfortable. Whether you’re at a concert, or inside of your very own home, there are plenty of ways your boyfriend can carry you. Here are some of the cutest ones:

1 Piggyback Ride

The easiest of all the ways your boyfriend can carry you is by hopping on his back. All you have to do is wrap your arms and legs around him to make sure that you’re secure. His job is to get a hold on your legs and stay standing. It’s an efficient way to move across a room, and it’ll stop you from getting worn out. He, of course, might need a nap soon after, so don't be upset when he's sleepy.

2 Over the THRESHOLD

You don’t have to wait until your wedding night to be carried this way. If your man is able to hold you like this, you’re in the perfect position to kiss. You get a great view of him, he gets a great view of you, and you can be affectionate. It’s the perfect way to get romantic.

3 Over the Shoulder

This is a playful one. If your man decides to randomly pick you up and toss you over his shoulder, you’re sure to smile. It’s not only adorable, but it’s pretty manly at the same time. He’s showing off his strength, so make sure you compliment him on those arms.

4 On the Shoulders

If you’re having trouble seeing something far away, then hop up on your man’s shoulders. You’ll get a great view of your surroundings, and be comfortable whilst doing so. It’s a great way to rest your legs after a long day. Just pay him back later with a back massage.

5 Wrapped around

Wrap your legs around him while facing him, and you’ll be in optimum kissing position. This is a great way for him to hold you when you’re getting intimate. You’ll be able to kiss him like crazy. Both of you will enjoy the experience, so try it out as soon as you can.

6 Up by the Waist

Let him lift you up by the waist and carry you around, but don’t expect him to take you far. Since he’s doing all the work, it’ll be difficult to transport you to another part of the city. This is only helpful if he’s taking you a short distance, like from the living room to the bedroom.

7 Whatever Works

Grab onto him in whatever way works. Let him hold you upside down, or while you’re facing the opposite way. You could even turn the tables and try to carry him for a change. Do whatever you can, because it’s all up to you two.

It’s nice to feel close to your partner, and there’s no better way to do so than to let him carry you around. It’s more fun than you’d think, and it can create some amazing sexual tension. Do you like when your boyfriend holds you in his arms?

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