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7 Body Language Love Signals You Can't Ignore ...

By Vladlena

Making the first move and admitting to your feelings can be a little frightening when you don’t know whether the other person feels the same, but even though you can’t possibly know what’s going on in their head, you can still deduct a few from their body language love signals. Believe it or not, your unconscious body positioning and posture can tell a lot without you saying anything at all! Here are a few tips on how you can catch clues from body language love signals.

1 Directing the Upper Body

Most of the time when a guy is into you or at least has some interest, he will usually show it by directing his whole upper body towards you. He unconsciously does that to show that he is really interested in only you and wants to position himself so that he can draw all of his attention toward you, and you can do the same. This may be one of those subtle body language love signals that are hard to catch, but it can also be a clear display of interest.

2 Raised Eyebrows

Your eye area is actually pretty good at giving away all of your secrets. For example, raised brows are the most recognized non-verbal sign of attraction that exists in every culture. When a guy is attracted to you, his eyebrows will rise and fall subconsciously. However, this sign is very hard to catch and misread, so keep a look out!

3 Leaning in

A guy who constantly leans into you to either tell you something or listen to what you have to say is undeniably interested in you. Men don’t even bother directing their bodies toward someone they are not interested in, so when they do it’s because they want to be close to you!

4 Pointed Feet and Hands

It’s human nature to point your body toward an object or person you desire, so you’ll be able to tell that he is into you when you notice that his hands and feet are pointed directly at you. It’s even easier to tell when he is sitting down with his whole body directed toward you. So when you spot him in this position, you know there is something there!

5 Pupils Dilate

The size of your pupils is never up to your control and it usually depends on two things: light and attraction. When we are attracted to a person, our eyes dilate and we begin to blink at a faster speed. This is because we get more excited and our body releases more adrenaline, causing this occurrence. So if you really want to know how he feels without directly asking him, try to nonchalantly compare the size of his pupils with someone near him!

6 Looks at Your Lips

When a guy is interested in you as more than friends, his gazing pattern can easily give it away. You might notice that his gaze is not locked solely on your eyes and from time to time it travels down to your nose and mouth. Trust me, if he saw you just as a friend, he would keep his gaze at an eye-level, darting from eyes to the bridge of the nose.

7 Mirrors You

It’s typical of men to mirror your body language when they are into you. So you might notice that he mimics your movements or even tone of voice when he is with you. This sign of attraction is not just restricted to men; we actually all do this when we are truly interested in a conversation!

Trying to find out what’s going on in that head of his is way too complicated and almost impossible, but never again will you miss clear cues after reading a few body language signals. How do you usually tell if a guy is interested in you?

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