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Do you want to learn how to stop him from staring at other women? This may be a bit challenging since a lot of scientists consider that this is one of the habits men find most difficult to change. I know that you feel uncomfortable and even insecure when your partner is ogling other women, but you can learn how to deal with this situation, and not let it bother you so much. There are also a lot of women who think that it’s perfectly normal for their partners to look at other women and they don’t even feel threatened or uncomfortable. Here are a few helpful tips on how to stop him from staring at other women.

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Stay Calm

One of the best things you can do if you want to learn how to stop him from staring at other women when you’re out together is to just stay calm and control your first reaction. I know that his behavior may infuriate you but make sure you take a minute before reacting in any way. Just take a deep breath and cool off. This way, you’ll be able to see things more clearly and you won’t say things you will regret.


See It for What It is

Even though your insecurities may take over and there are times when you feel like your blood is boiling when you catch your significant other looking at other women, try to stay calm and see it for what it is. Don’t waste your energy on this because the essence of that situation is that it means nothing. It’s just a fleeting surge that happens in the mind of a man.


Transform Your Fear into Trust

Fear is one of those feelings that can sabotage your relationship and really affect your happiness. Try to feel comfortable in your own skin and transform your fear into trust. Remember what makes your significant other love you so much and realize that you have nothing to worry about if your man looks at other women.


Jealousy is Not That Pretty

Just remind yourself that jealousy is not that pretty and it can really affect your self-esteem and damage your self-confidence in the long term. Don’t compare yourself with the woman your partner is staring at! This will only upset you and it may even make you act irrationally.


Ask Him to Be More Discreet

If he says that he just can’t help it and that he doesn’t mean to hurt you by looking at other women, just ask him to do it more discreetly, so you won't feel uncomfortable. You could also tell him that you feel disrespected if other people notice him ogling other women and that you would be very happy if he would just try to control himself better.


Improve Your Communication Skills

It may be difficult to stay calm when you catch your partner checking out other women but try to control your temper and just talk to him. Work on improving your communication skills so the incident doesn't degenerate into a fight; just tell him that it bothers you and ask him to keep the drooling to a minimum.


Allow Yourself to Shine

Instead of getting angry when you notice your partner looking at other women, just allow yourself to shine. Make a habit out of celebrating your own beauty, your own sexiness and your own abilities every single day. Feel comfortable in your own skin and don’t let all kinds of insignificant things bother you.

Having to deal with a partner that keeps looking at other women when you’re together can be a bit challenging sometimes. Does this behavior bother you? How do you react when you catch your partner ogling other women? Do you know any other tips on how to stop him from staring at other women? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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I'm am a women who goes through this with my husband all the time. There is nothing wrong with looking because we all do it man or women but it is how it's done out of respect. My husband has no respect when he's staring and the funny thing is that he acts as if I do not see him doing it. This bothers me a lot. I wish this article told me how to stop him not what things I could do to not let this bother me.

Yet another article that excuses men for their behaviour and tells the woman that she should be quiet and change her behaviour - when he is the one acting like women are on a buffet for his eyeful of pleasure. Does anyone root for women? This is all part of what the Me Too Movement is all about. Men can start to have some control over their eyes/rubber necks by considering the hurt feelings that his partner may experience. Womens' feelings are real, they don't need to be quiet or put up with anymore of this kind of raw shit men have been dealing out for centuries. Speak up ladies. You don't have to yell but you can if you want to. If he doesn't hear you the first time, or even the second, his character is in question for sure. Decide if you can stand his disregard for your feelings/heart....yell some more and dump him if he refuses to hear you. Chances are, he isn't listening to a lot more than THIS.

Just start openly admiring other men ! Who knows? You may meet some other man who will treat you with more respect!

so its ok for our partner to stare at other women, we should allow such behavior and remain calm? no thanks. Im not going to be disrespected. I dont do it neither should he.

Dump him

This article's name should not be what it is. It dsnt tell you any tip to stop him rather how to stop your self being bothered.

Guess I know why alot of guys are single nowadays... just ONE glance at another lady and BAM, you dump their asses, wow~ real nice move girls, I really feel sorry for the guys who you dumped, if hes cheating and being an asshole to you then yea I say dump his ass but a glance at another woman? People tend to look at other beautiful people, if its a man or a woman, who cares, if he or she's pretty, I'll look at them anyway.

Ask him to be more discreet ... Wow .

Just start staring at another guy and make sure he sees you doing it - turn about is fair play - he started it anyway

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