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Awkward Questions to Avoid on a First Date if You Want a Second Date ...

By Jennifer

There are quite a few things you don't want to discuss on a first date, questions you just shouldn't ask -- do you know what they are? Let's run them down, so you know in advance, and can avoid them, thus landing a second date with Mr. Right.

1 What do You Think about Marriage? 👰

Slow down, sweetie! This question is almost guaranteed to come off as presumptuous and/or pushy, and may scare him away. It would scare me away on a first date, too!

2 What's Your Weight?

For some reason, this tends to be a question men ask women, but it's ridiculously rude no matter who's asking.


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3 How Many Women Have You Been with?

I mean, this question in itself isn't bad, but the timing of it on a first date is questionable. Wait til you know whether or not you two have even hit it off, or it might be a little too personal, a little too soon.

4 How Much do You Make? 💸

It's totes okay to ask about what he does for a living, but this dollars-and-cents question is kind of rude, and may make you out to be a gold-digger.

5 Anything about His Ex

It might be tempting to try to find out what went wrong in his last relationship, but trust me, don't ask. It's just weird, and besides, you might not like the answers.

6 Anything about Trump or Hillary

Unless you already know in advance (a little social media stalking can go a long way), don't ask any questions with a political flavor, or your date could end up a heated debate.

7 Anything about Religion

Some men might be open to discussing their spiritual or religious beliefs on a first date, but others may find it too personal.

Are there any other taboo questions you can think of, that we need to avoid asking on a date?

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