NEVER do These Things when Things Are Heating up in the Bedroom ...


NEVER do These Things when Things Are Heating up in the Bedroom ...
NEVER do These Things when Things Are Heating up in the Bedroom ...

There are some things that have the absolute certainty to kill the moment. You’re both in the throes of passion and one of you makes the decision to do something that is about as sexy as a bucket of cold water or your parents walking in on you. These are the things you should never let waves of passion carry you away to do, unless you want to douse the flames.

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NEVER Turn down a Condom Request

cartoon, anime, album cover, illustration, NEVER!, Whether you are the male or the female in the situation, if one wants to use a condom and the other doesn’t, then that is a sign that your sexual paths should not be crossing at this time.


NEVER Consider Using Two Condoms

speech, screenshot, ーーー, In this instance, double coverage absolutely does not mean double protection. Wearing two condoms makes it more likely that both will not work, so stick to just one!


NEVER Skip Foreplay, It’s Too Important

darkness, screenshot, midnight, fictional character, Without, This is especially the case for women, who sometimes need a little more attention than men do before they can feel ready to go ahead and engage in the main event.


NEVER Answer Your Phone during Sex

black, black and white, white, monochrome photography, photography, I don’t care if it’s the Pope or the Queen of England, answering your phone during sex is the ultimate turn off for your partner who is trying to give you satisfaction in the moment!


NEVER Avoid a Touch of Light Hair Pulling

human action, person, black and white, kiss, monochrome photography, If a guy can pull your hair in the right way, then you will be his forever. Tell him not to be shy when it comes to this, as sometimes it can take a minute to get the right feel!


NEVER Call out the Wrong Name!

human action, black, black and white, person, kiss, Talk about major boner killer! Calling out the name of your ex during sex is a sure-fire way to end the night on a climax-less and depressing note!


NEVER Be as Quiet as a Mouse

black, white, black and white, photograph, person, Sex is all about making your partner feel something, so if one of you is as quiet as a mouse, then the atmosphere is going to be really strange and not sexy at all.


NEVER Shy Away from Kissing during Sex

human action, person, black, black and white, image, For some reason some people have a thing about not kissing during sex, but kissing is one of the most intimate things you can share and it makes the whole experience so much better.


NEVER Avoid the Post Oral Kiss!

black and white, dance, performing arts, performance art, entertainment, If the thought of it grosses you out, then you might want to consider how mature your attitude to sex is in the first place.


NEVER Be Too Rough with One Another

human action, person, black and white, kiss, man, This is all about communication. If you man is going too hard with his hands or any other part of himself, then you need to tell him. The same goes for a woman if her hands are squeezing a little too tight!


NEVER Settle for Faking It

human action, person, black and white, black, monochrome photography, If you get in to the habit of faking an orgasm, your partner is never going to know you aren’t satisfied. Instead, try to guide them in the right direction so that you can reach ultimate bliss!


NEVER Take the Kinkiness That Bit Too Far

human action, black, photograph, black and white, person, It’s good to discuss boundaries before you and your boo start doing kinky stuff. Making somebody feel uncomfortable is the exact opposite of how to have a good time!


NEVER Focus on Your Own Pleasure over Theirs

black, black and white, person, darkness, monochrome photography, The point of sex of for a couple to give each other pleasure, so if you focus on yourself only, you are losing the integral part of the connection that makes sex so great.


NEVER Decide Not to Use Lube if You Want It

muscle, performance art, stage, sense, bodybuilding, There is nothing wrong or embarrassing about having to use a little lube to get the party going; that’s exactly what it is there for! You should do whatever it takes to feel your best.


NEVER Shy Away from Post Workout Sex

human action, black, white, black and white, photograph, Sure, you’re all sweaty and not feeling your sexiest, but there is something about the endorphins coursing through your body that makes post exercise sex absolutely amazing!


NEVER Just Carry on if You Want to Stop

black and white, black, face, monochrome photography, nose, You might think that the kinder thing to do is to just let him finish but it isn’t. A loving partner wants you to be involved. Let him know the moment has passed for you and he can decide how he wants to close the deal.


NEVER Say Never

human action, person, black and white, kiss, mouth, Always be open. Talk to each other. If he has a suggestion, consider it, don’t just dismiss it. Same goes for you. Don’t be shy about making your own suggestions.

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I disagree with being quiet both my man and i are quiet and we have such a good time. Its never awkward

and what does number nine mean?

What do you mean by number 5?

@Anna i guess shes saying a little hair pulling can be sexy and to not shy away from it before you know if you like it

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