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7 Bad Marriage Habits You Should Stop Today ...

By Alicia

It is important to be careful not to fall into bad marriage habits. This is all too easily done. After you get married, it is tempting to get settled in your relationship and be a little more careless with it. To prevent that from happening, it is best to stay on guard against bad marriage habits rather than try to fix them after they become part of your relationship.

1 Not Talking Enough

As the months and years go by in a marriage, many times couples talk less and less. This is not a good thing. We forget that there are still things we don’t know about each other. You can always share about your day and the things that you experienced while you were apart. It is important to continue to make time to talk each day and fight off bad marriage habits such as not talking enough.

2 Talking about the Wrong Things

Sometimes when we do talk, we talk about the wrong things. It is so easy to get caught up in the business of marriage. It is easy to fall into the habit of only talking about what is going on with the kids, bills and other necessary topics. Don’t let this be you. Make a point of making conversation about something else. Ask your spouse what they are watching on television or how their day went; talk about anything to get conversation going.

3 Not Dating Anymore

Dating should not end at the altar. For the best marriage, continue to date each other for all of your lives. I know that this can be difficult, especially after you have children. But it is important to get a sitter and go out once in a while. It really breathes fresh life into your marriage.

4 Giving up Goodbye Kisses

I think it so sad when a married couple gives up their goodbye kisses. I think those little things are what keep the connection between a couple. If you have already gotten out of this habit, talk to your spouse about it. Tell them you would love it if you started this good habit again. It is never too late to fix this.

5 Getting in a Rut

Ruts do not have to be a part of your marriage. Ruts happen when things get stale between the two of you. They also happen when you allow all of these bad marriage habits to fall into place. Do what you need to do to keep things exciting. If you keep working on your marriage, ruts are not something that you have to worry about.

6 Failing to Say I Love You

When a couple first enters into a relationship, they usually cannot say I love you enough. But as time goes by, sometimes they say it less and less. Don’t let this happen to your marriage. It is important to do little things like saying I love you each and every day. If it hasn’t been said in a while, take the initiative and say it to your spouse.

7 Failing to Notice One Another

This one can happen as time goes by too. You forget to notice one another. In order to avoid this, make a conscious effort to notice your spouse. When you do notice them, compliment them. It doesn’t do any good to notice their good looks or their sweet personality if you don’t say anything about it.

Preventing bad habits in your marriage is something you need to proactively work toward. What bad habits have you worked on preventing in your marriage? Help me add to my list!

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